i dont know what to think about this anons. i dont know if i want it to happen. i thought it was just all memes. hold me frens

100% chance of a violent riot that lasts for a few days, 85% chance in multiple cities. Probably in the weeks or months after Trump is re-elected, but maybe before too. I think its more akin to the 1960's bnanza of stupid race riots. But somethings there. Pull out of it what you may, I can't dissect all the similarities in my head in the moment, many things wouldn't match up on many levels.

I don't think Civil War, is what I'm saying. I think It'll devolve into pure race riots, because that's what the left is pushing, from the get go. Behind the mask. I think that's why we see more hardcore racists on the right lately. Imma digress, but I think there's a reason the shills, storms, and tards all watch the same stuff and demonize that which is more informative, and better in many ways. I won't mention names, but who is demonized the most?!?

Literally, I've been thinking posts like this have been leftists in disguise for nearly a year and a half. Makes no sense that you think the same as a leftist and a stormfag at the same time. Maybe a Company is paid, like the Steele dossier. Corparte media and the corporate world will do anything to gain monopolies. I'm flag related, but I know. See what you see, but don't be blind.