Spreading the truth about why (((they))) banned him and everyone else?

How you feel about it doesn't matter. Facebook is hiding the TRUE slavemasters by SLIENCING  Farrakhan.

Talk shit all you want, but Farrakhan just wants his people segregated with their own land within the U.S. where they can propser under their own laws, and Whites to have our own territory. 

People get along better when they don't see each other 24/7.

He's right, and a lot of racists would agree with his opinion on race relations and how to solve it.

He also dislikes Zionist Jews. 

Farrakhan is almost spot-on with his conspiracies about Democrats all being black hating wolves in sheepskin clothing. 70 years of Dem rule in all major black cities and nothing but corruption and poverty.

Blacks did not incarnate as my enemy.

Asians did not incarnate as my enemy.
Browns did not incarnate as my enemy.
Whites did not incarnate as my enemy. 

It was the Jew. born of lies and hatred... Of malice thrice fold the bowels of Ungoliant...do they now sow the seed of our destruction and laugh ever and always...? Yes BROTHERS THEY CALL FOR OUR HEADS! And our homes... they would feast on our hearts as surely as they suck the infants wound with glee... Cast your eyes heavenward and pray brothers pray for the light to shine in the hearts of men... that we would find our final strength in the end of days...that on a sword day...a red day... WE BECAME FREE MEN FOREVER!!!!

They want to be separate.

in fact all races want to be separate.
It is only the Jews that want everyone to be mixed to create chaos which they can exploit and profit from.
On the other hand, the Jews themselves very much want to be separate - but in other peoples’ countries.

JEWS are behind open borders

(((Zio))) Matrix of Control (banking media politics)


Jew were beind the feminism movement

Jews are behind porn & against christian values

2 minute redpill exposing the Jewish global agenda

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (summary) written in 1919, while jews claim its a "forgery/fake", 100 years laters, all its predictions came TRUE.

2 minute redpill exposing JEWS LYING us into the Iraq war


Couple of good ones on the JQ


BEST documentary on Jewish/Isreali involvement in 911 (free version)

more jewish involvement in 9/11 (playlist of 6 videos)

Another example of Israeli treachery against the US, and (((their))) influence over America (attack on USS liberty )


MORE trechery (the lavon affair)


EVEN MORE treachery (the Apollo affair) (jews stole nuclear fuel from the US & got away with it)

> https://youtu.be/CZtYv7NI1HU

jewish lobby control over America (part 1)


Jewish lobby control over the UK (part 1)


The HOLOHOAX exposed


The greatest story never told (LONG but amazing)


Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (horrific heart breaking)