Great Replacement audio book

in case it was my response which crushed the previous thread, I feel like posting it again:

It's surprisingly well written.
And it's well read.
And it's definitely worth listening.
Though me personally, I believe in peaceful solution of teaching the invaders to rule over their own countries where they're supposed to be sent to be european-culture-oriented elite of those god-forsaken birthplaces of theirs.
And according to what that guy wrote, I am supposed to be assassinated as an ally not radical enough, like wtf.

I also disagree his stand on drugs. Especially if he is a libertarian, as he claims to be, he should revisit this belief of his, especially since weed was outlawed by the same administration, which enslaved USA by fed. Some people believe that was dupont with their patented chemical substance for producing paper from wood, and then oil companies could profit from that absurd prohibition, but now it's mostly big-pharma:

immune system via which thc work; and the material should be high in THC (not cbd they push down our throats) and after you took the medicine, you should take a nap, even if you just got up, because sleep is the part of the medicine. That all is called anecdotal evidence, but there are plenty of peer-reviewed articles, supporting the point of rso curing cancer (and don't ever buy it, learn how to make your own medicine)