They are celebrating and laughing at all of the Americans burning to death in the towers and the FBI held these yids for a week until the dust settled and flew them back to Tel Aviv private first class

Ah yes the Israeli "art students" who had unrestricted access to the towers for weeks
It's rael.


>fucked up over 1400 cars
>didnt burn a single person
>paper all over the place
you dont understand much about thermite, do you?

911 report and their models were full of BS. The three towers were brought down by controlled demolition.



TRUMP knew Truth on 911





The destruction of WTC was an occult ritual.

>the Twin Towers represented Boaz and Jachin, the columns at the entrance to the Temple of Solomon
>Boaz and Jachin represent the two key energies: ying and yang, male and female, strength and beauty, north and south, up and down (duality - like the Star of David)
>WTC builder, Rockefeller, says the buildings are the perfect combination of "utility and beauty"; he also owns Jerusalem museum housing remains from Temple of Solomon

>Luciferianism predicts/wants a new age of transhumanism; Kaballah and freemasonry believe one attains perfection by mastering and combining male and female energies

>Twin Towers destroyed in consciousness altering event at start of millenium to usher in this new era of transhumanism

>Replaced by Freedom Tower where both towers are combined, one up and one down, like a Star of David

>2001: Space Odyssey is about man's evolution to transhumanism - he touches the black monolith and transcends human form to a space baby
>9/11 happened in 2001, next to the Millenium hotel designed to look like the black monolith
>madrid bombing was 911 days after 9/11
>sept 11 is the first day of the coptic calendar, first month is named after Thoth
>2001 was the start of the new millenium not 2000 (there was no year zero)
>33 years from groundbreaking to destruction pentagon groundbreaking sept 11 1941

Yamasaki received the World Trade Center commission the year after the Dhahran Airport was completed. Yamasaki described its plaza as “a mecca, a great relief from the narrow streets and sidewalks of the surrounding Wall Street area.” True to his word, Yamasaki replicated the plan of Mecca’s courtyard by creating a vast delineated square, isolated from the city’s bustle by low colonnaded structures and capped by two enormous, perfectly square towers—minarets, really. Yamasaki’s courtyard mimicked Mecca’s assemblage of holy sites—the Qa’ba (a cube) containing the sacred stone, what some believe is the burial site of Hagar and Ishmael, and the holy spring—by including several sculptural features, including a fountain, and he anchored the composition in a radial circular pattern, similar to Mecca’s.

Islam was created by Jews. Take your time, explain away this

Jews dominated Arabia and carried genocidal hate for Christians
Judaism and Islam are so similar that one could say that Islam is Arab Talmudism
Erasing Christianity was a Jewish thing before Islam existed

Here's the thing, and I say this as someone who believes that the dancing Israelis were Mossad agents celebrating the success of the 9/11 attack, and at minimum, the Israelis had foreknowledge that could have been used to prevent 9/11 which they didn't share because the attack was so advantageous to Israel's interests, but I lost interest in this guy after he interpreted "our purpose was to document the event" as "our purpose [in coming to America] was to document the event". That's obviously not what they meant. They're there giving their cover story, saying that their purpose in taking the photographs was to document the event, claiming that they happened to see it, decided it was important, and therefore took pictures.

You can't be that biased in your interpretation, or you're a liability to your own side of the argument. You want your case to be rationally convincing to a neutral audience, and sow doubts in a hostile audience that nonetheless has some intellectual integrity, you don't want to just preach to the choir.

>actually believes in a theory allowed to be pushed on government TV
>still no argument

steven jones and alex jones able to talk about 9/11 (((truth))) on cspan???


birth of "muh space beams", who woulda guessed its the same faggot shutting down all discussion of the topic?


Is it just a (((coincidence))) that one group of people have benefited from every US military intervention since 9/11?

I would love for those with the technology to share it with the world to make it a better place, but I'm no level 99 alchemist and acquiring such technology is beyond my means at the moment. If you own a satellite and need help I'd be happy to drop my life and come help you with whatever wizardry it is you're working on. I posted the photos adam green showed so others could see them. No need to be rude, bless your heart

 well-versed in Urban Moving Systems, years of research.

Five years ago, this post would be red hot! Congrats to the YouTuber who obtained them, which Ryan Dawson diligently could not. There were a total of ~75 photos taken by the "Dancing Israelis" confiscated by FBI, so the ones finally released under FOIA are predictably underwhelming.

I'm surprised one of the D. Israelis
is wearing baggy ripped jeans tbqh. If you're working undercover as a mover, I'd expect slightly more flexible apparel, esp if you're involved in 9/11. The lighter flame celebratory photo is clutch though, glad that was released. Too bad the WTC can't be clearly made out in these grainy photocopies, few normies will pay attention. We already knew, there's no video just pics.

My research says that 3 of the movers were low level recon for Israeli intel, but weren't directly involved in planning the attack. Probably cleanup duty, working as sayanim, to transfer people or files post-attack, like a deep bench on a champion sports team. Waterboys of 9/11.

Daniel Lewin, imo, remains the head Israeli leader in the 9/11 operation. He was an ex top ranked Sayeret Matkal captain, basically an Israeli Navy SEAL operator w few equals. He was a billionaire computer wizard as well and hardcore rabid Zionut. He was conveniently on Flight 11 seated between two alleged Saudi hijackers. I unironically think he faked his death, gassed the plane, and parachuted out, possibly with undercover Sayeret operatives, as the plane was then remote or automatedly controlled from the ground.

Just heads up to newfags, the E-Team art students are not Israelis and their full WTC residency was documented and even videotaped. It's on Vimeo, a helicopter ride they took outside the WTC. They're dorks. But obv Israeli art students were doing recon in the months before all over the East Coast.

Fingers crossed that one day Dominik Suter, Daniel Lewin, and Dov Zakheim are brought to justice. Keep digging.

>Nothing you posted has anything to do with Jewish dancers
why would it? this is ancient news that lead no where back then, and will lead no where now. if you dont know israel had heavy involvement in 9/11 you just have not been paying any attention at all. but to think its just the jews is pretty retarded. bush/cheney are not jews. and papa bush was a major power player.

> It's a completely different question what might have been able to vaporize sky scrapers and cause strange patterns of damage to cars.
what exactly am i taking away from in this thread by posting this information? these "leaks" are a nothing-burger dead end. its a fucking joke. most people should have seen the interview where they went on tv, tons of people should already know what these clowns look like, what the fuck is the point of releasing this/censoring them so heavily.

>Dancing Israelis

>9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money

directed energy weapons/scalar waves/some sort of play on tesla tech. who knows what exactly did it. the fact is, something exists that could achieve what was witnessed. nothing.. i repeat NOTHING explains the big picture of 9/11. this guy produced a lot of similar effects seen on 9/11 whilst mimicking tesla's experiments

well, there was

>hologram airplanes
no one has presented this, why are you reaching so hard?

>explosives caused 1400 cars blocks around to become mangled/"melted" yet not burning a single person