All across Europe people are getting sick of the status quo yet America seems to be lagging behind. Just recently Britain spoiled their ballots in the biggest numbers of all time. Italy has elected an anti Globalist coalition govt, the French are rioting every day for over 6 months now, Alt Right parties are gaining ground all over the European mainland and Eastern Europe is becoming heavily nationalist.

MEANWHILE, the Burgers are content with Trump even though he has clearly become a massive cuck who is basically useless except 'triggering le libs'. Burgers are still in the same two party nonesense where everywhere else people are saying 'fuck you' to the system.

Why is there no big anti establishment movement in Burgerstan? 
Do people unironically believe that the REPUBLICAN PARTY is somehow BASED? The Republican party of Koch Bros, of the biggest illegal immigration problem since Clinton. With the GOP you have just as much open borders as the dems, the only difference is 'muh tax cut for the rich'. 
The gop is not your friend, but whenever I read comments on Fox News videos I see these idiots commenting about Q, how they think Trump is about to drain the swamp, how the 'DEMOCRAPS' are evil, etc etc. It's tiresome and stupid. 

As Jesse Ventura once said, if you vote for Dems or Republicans then you are perpetuating the system!!!

How is any of this COPE?
It's 100% right.
America is now running 1.5million illegal immigrants PER YEAR.

There are 22million illegal immigrants who can vote in your elections.



I don't type this stuff as a means to just rile people up, It's a valid point that needs to be made.

Kinda hard to form a nationalist party when European immigrants alongside the Jews destroyed the concept of American nationalism decades ago. But don't forget, the United States is also the epicenter of globalism, ruled over by the Diaspora Jewish nation. Forming any type of American nationalist party is going to be near impossible at this point. The only solution is violence.

Oh wow! 38 fu3king miles in going on 3 years!

How long is the border again?

You can have a good economy and still have civil strife or out right civil war.

How will the left react if Trump gets re elected?
Or if there is widespread voter fraud and Trump loses.
What steps are TPTB taking to ensure there are no more Trumps making it to the White house? 

What kind of payback can Trump voters expect from the Deep State for daring to elect one not of their choosing?

The Trump administration will soon be giving Border Patrol agents authority to decide asylum claims on the spot.
Homeland Security, under acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan, would essentially deputize law enforcement to carry out citizenship officers’ jobs in order to initially reduce the number of people who have passed that stage and are waiting on asylum decisions. Those calls usually take two to five years due to the current 900,000 cases waiting to be decided by fewer than 500 immigration judges nationwide.
Theoretically, we could end up deporting them in two weeks, rather than two to five years.
The Department of Homeland Security will start a DNA testing program next week to help identify and prosecute individuals posing as families in an effort to target human smuggling.
The Rapid DNA testing will provide results in about 90 minutes
DHS has repeatedly warned that children are being exploited by traffickers to skirt the nation's immigration laws. Currently, the government can't hold migrant children in detention for more than 20 days, often leading to the release of groups posing as families, a practice called "catch and release."

Cases of 'fake families' are popping up everywhere, and children are being used as pawns. DHS has uncovered, "child recycling rings," a process of using children repeatedly in an attempt to be released in the US.

The problem is not Trump, the problem is there are tens of millions of boomers who are condidtioned to worship israel and follow their foreign policy to the detriment of their own country. Trump is merely their voice.

At this point, the best option is to hit the reset button on america. Abolish it as a country and a system, let Europe and the rest of the world catch their breath, let the arab world deal with the zionist cancer without interference, and then let multiple states form across north america free from jewish interference.

THE PRESIDENT CANNOT single handedly drain a swamp. 

None of you actually understand what Trump is. Like any president that doesn’t want to be assasinated, he’s not really going to do anything, nevermind that what he can do is limited.
He’s not that guy. He’s the guy that’s going to look the other way and not go after you while you politically organize yourselves and develop a strategy to drain the swamp yourselves—INSTEAD of believing that the executive branch will.

What’s going to end up happening is you will spend the entirety of his presidency bitching about how he can’t deliver every promise, and then a leftist will get into power under whose watch you will be targeted and harassed in the most dystopic America yet. You’ll have to be proactive then, and nobody in any high places will be on your side.