What is the alt-right?

1) What is the alt-right?
2) Does it actually exist? The more I look into it the more it seems like a lot of smoke over a very diverse set of "taboo ideas."
3) How did you become "redpilled?"
4) How has becoming "redpilled" isolated you?
5) Where do you see the "movement" going in international/domestic politics?
6) What academic sources do you have so I can have real shit to cite and not a bunch of poorly written blog articles. 

>1) What is the alt-right?
Astroturfed controlled opposition
>2) Does it actually exist? The more I look into it the more it seems like a lot of smoke over a very diverse set of "taboo ideas."
Ayyy, you realized how politics work
>3) How did you become "redpilled?"
Growing up in a village and moving to the city
>4) How has becoming "redpilled" isolated you?
It hasn't
>5) Where do you see the "movement" going in international/domestic politics?
To hell, I hope
>6) What academic sources do you have so I can have real shit to cite and not a bunch of poorly written blog articles.
None, because there aren't any afaik

As I said, it's astroturfed controlled oppositon so the left has someone to point their finger to

1) the alt-right is a label created by the left. you can't attack a group of people who see through your lies, or who oppose your ideals, without a clean box to put them in. Then you can elect leaders of the box, and individually target them, so you can paint the entire group as racists, pedos, dumb, intolerant, no-good fascists.

2) it exists, but it is a left / internet journalist invention. It has not been adopted yet as a badge of honor, like the n word.

3) through self-imposed social seclusion, and getting my news and facts from alternative media.

4) it is the other way around. Isolation causes redpilling.

5) nowhere. the entire alt-right and conservative 2.0 revival, is just because the left media does not know yet how to ignore the troll. By feeding the 4chan troll they summoned Kek. They will wise up and start ignoring again.

6) there are no true academic sources on the alt-right. Just leftist academics who play the publish or perish game with a remotely interesting topic they don't understand, and want to investigate further. So they cite other works by other confused women studies "academics", who also had no clue what the alt-right stands for or is, because it was their own invention.

1) A propaganda term to lump all right-leaning dissidents together
2) Technically yes
3) Read Podesta's leaked emails and it completely destroyed the facade of democratic politics for me. Here is the exact quote that did it for me:

>"And as I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking - and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging."

4) Yes, from worthless, degenerate, non-thinking, openly miserable people.
5) An end to Jewish control of our nation

6) All you have to do is look up race and IQ. Cultish belief in equality doesn't do anyone any good.

It's whatever they say it is. If you're not a globohomo supporter, you're alt right 
But basically it's anyone who thinks a government's justification for existing is national interest and nothing else, as opposed to a neoliberal, globalist, communist, or other form of anti-nationalist. The idea of self determination for a nation, for practical and moral reasons, to have their own state and country.

Think of it another way. What differentiates an empire from just a state? The answer of course, is that the empire rules over multiple nations. One government, multiple distinct peoples. This allows the state to easily abuse its subjects, drawing resources from them, while keeping them too weak and divided to oppose them. 
So if an empire is a single state ruling over multiple unique peoples, what does that make a multicultural society? It is an empire by another name. Multiple nations under one state, stratified and in constant conflict, unable to unite to accomplish anything, and kept weak so the state can always reliably extract resources from them while relying on the opposing nations within its borders to be too vulnerable and divided to ever threaten their rule. No matter how bad it is.

That is the result of your so called liberal democracy. And that is why each nation deserves to master their own fate, in their own united, strong, and healthy state. Anti nationalists fail to understand this simple truth, and gleefully allow themselves and their children's futures to be plundered, as long as the correct label is used.

1: The alt-right is an alternative to traditional right wing politics or conservatism. The alt-right rejects the mainstream due to their watered down values of classic right wing ideology. 
2: Yes it exists. 
3: You become red pilled by viewing the world as it's presented to you and questioning what you are told. From that point of doubt you seek out reality that may not be pleasant or kind when you accept reality as ugly as it is you are red pilled.
4: Only slightly, I'm generally able to form the reality of the world that I view into logical and reasonable expressions of doubt of the blue pilling. In short I'm articulate enough to avoid angering the NPCs with a poor speech check.
5: A slow growth as time goes on and terrible lefty policies cause more harm. In the end it's not going to be a smooth transition to alt-right beliefs but a violent revolution once people are pushed too far. In short it's going to be blood.
6: None because academia is violently opposed to anything right of Stalin. 

The UN did commission a report on memes and 4chan.

1. Traditional values and white male political and social hegemony eroded by liberalism and then more extreme neo-liberalism
2. Many unaffiliated movements react to this without any central organisation
3. neo-lib media constructs the alt right and places all their enemies within the term
4. Waits for the term to catch on in the minds of media consumers.
5. then reduces the political motives into "I hate x.y.z because I am irrationally angry and hateful
6. all subversive right-wing movements are negatively affected even if they share no connection

7. Dissident moments forced together by the label end up in-fighting allowing the establishment to move forwards

1) the alt right is a loose affiliation of fellow travelers who are opposed to globalism and are race realists. No one claims to be alt right, it's more of a slur than a legit label.
2) see number 1
3) crime stats by race as presented by Devon Tracy aka Atheism is Unstoppable. My "radicalization" was pretty much all on youtube, starting in 2015
4) it hasn't really. I still interact normally, and just avoid speaking candidly when politics come up. I'm still a normal person. I treat people with respect, regardless of race. Yesterday I shared a Reese's cup with a homeless nigger. His name was Dushaun. I sat with him for a minute while we enjoyed our candy, and we spoke briefly. I don't judge individuals by their race, and try to get along with good people.

6) FBI crime stats are a good start. So are IQ studies. Basically anything that shows race realism will inherently support ethno-nationalism or alt right thinking.

>1) What is the alt-right?
It stands for Alternative right.

>2) Does it actually exist? The more I look into it the more it seems like a lot of smoke over a very diverse set of "taboo ideas."
It exists in so much as some people self identify with that label. The only coherent body of organized people that call themselves that are people lead by Richard Spencer. While they didn't coin the term, they did adopt it to represent themselves. They have a very specific set of authoritarian and far right ideas about a white ethnostate, segregation and hard line right wing policies.

To expand on that it has become a general slur of right leaning people by the mainstream media who call almost everyone right of center alt-right in order to spread FUD about people with otherwise center or center-right ideas. In general the people saying they're alt-right know what it means and wear the label proudly in general those denying the label are not alt-right. There's only 1 reason the water is muddy and the definition has lost solid meaning is the CONSTANT use of the term by left wing media establishments to label people with beliefs they do not have.

In short, the people who are alt-right are the people who freely adopt that label, they exist and you can go and talk to them and find out what they believe that label means.

>3) How did you become "redpilled?"
To be red pilled is to accept uncomfortable truths over comforting lies, you become red pilled by having a desire to know the truth no matter how uncomfortable that truth is, and then diligently seeking it out.

4) How has becoming "redpilled" isolated you?
It hasn't, I see no connection between being red pilled and isolation. That's a loaded question.

>5) Where do you see the "movement" going in international/domestic politics?

Spencer and the people who self identify as alt-right wont go anywhere in politics, their ideas are too extreme and unpalatable to the mainstream to ever be adopted in significant numbers.