The Trump Files
>I asked about the photograph of Donald Trump holding the dove.
>“He was 32 years old when I took that photograph, in 1983.” Bill explained. “He was attempting to (independently) negotiate an agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians at the time.”
>Trump had a plan to work with Russia to cut back nukes in 1987. Might he try it now?
>The Trump Files: Donald’s Nuclear Negotiating Fantasy

>In the 1980s, Donald Trump became a global symbol of wealth and success who was planning to build the tallest skyscraper in the world. But the one deal he really wanted to cut was an arms reduction treaty with the Soviet Union that would take nuclear missiles off the Cold War’s battlefield. It’s now clear that Trump knows quite literally nothing about nuclear weapons, but then he fantasized going toe-to-toe with the Russkies at the nuclear bargaining table.

>Three years later, growing even more alarmed about Libya and other rogue nations getting the bomb,he toldauthor Ron Rosenbaum that he was indeed working with the Reagan White House on nukes. “I’m dealing at a very high level on this,” he said.

>Trump was frightened about the spread of nuclear technology—he seemed at one point during the interview to suggest the United States should bomb France to keep it from selling nuclear know-how—and worried about the deal-making skills of American officials. “They have no smiles, no warmth; there’s no sense of them as people,” Trump complained. “Who the hell wants to talk to them? They don’t have the ability to go into a room and sell a deal. They’re not sellersin the positive sense.”

>“I used to laugh when I thought back on Trump and me in [the 21 Club] talking nukes,”Rosenbaum wroteforSlatethis year. “I’m not laughing anymore.”

He supports Israel how? 

Trump has done 2 huge and critical things by Associating himself so closely with Netanyahu.

1. Trump has shown the world that America cannot be the mediator between the Palestinians and Israelis when it comes to peace. They cannot be the ones who decide the fate of the region. Golan Heights, for example, has been in Israeli hands for decades but belongs to Syria. Since 1967. Trump signed a piece of paper declaring unilaterally that the Golan Heights officially belonged to Israel. This changed nothing, pissed off the entire world at the same time, and continues to prove the US cannot mediate peace.

2. By being so pro Israel he has given Democrats like Ilhan Omar a platform to stand on and redpill millions on Israel and their control over America.

>Trump moving the embassy to Jerusalem only pissed off the Muslims and changed nothing for Israel.
>Trump signing a piece of paper for Golan when Israel has been in control of Golan for decades only served to piss of the Muslims.
>ISIS is wiped out. 
>Assad is alive.
>Syria's army is bigger than before the civil war.
>USA and Russia working together.
>Two state solution is dead which means that all the liberal Jews in the USA can no longer support Israel in any way.
>Trump is only pro Israel because he says nice things and participates in ceremonies. His actual foreign policy is bad for Israel. 
>Trump being so pro Israel is driving a wedge between the establishment dems and progressives. 
>Trump beign so pro Israel allowed Ilhan Omar to become a star. 
>Trump is destroying Israel by overfeeding the parasite.

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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

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