So much for the kill switch... WikiLeak plugged

Assange's arrest was designed to make sure he didn't press a mysterious panic button he said would bring dire consequences for Ecuador.

WikiLeaks' founder, Julian Assange, was dramatically arrested and carried out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on Thursday.
British and Ecuadorian authorities engineered the timing and nature of the raid to stop Assange from accessing a panic button he mentioned in the past, Ecuador's foreign minister said.
Specifics on the button — or what it might do — are sparse, but the foreign minister said Assange had said it could bring dire consequences for Ecuador.
Ecuadorian officials have accused Assange of accessing the government's security files, playing music loudly, and having no regard for personal hygiene during his stay at the embassy.
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Julian Assange's arrest at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London was carried out in a specific way to prevent him from pressing a mysterious panic button he said could bring dire consequences for Ecuador, its foreign minister said.

The WikiLeaks founder was carried out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London's Kensington district on Thursday morning by a group of British police officers. Ecuador had earlier revoked his political asylum, alleging repeated bad behavior during his almost seven-year stay.

During this stay, Assange is accused of threatening Jaime Merchan, the Ecuadorian ambassador to the UK, with activating some kind of panic button that would bring down the embassy if he were arrested or felt in danger.

The claim was made by Ecuador's foreign minister, José Valencia, in a speech Thursday to the country's National Assembly, according to the Associated Press and Reuters.

Julian Assange
Assange leaving a London police station after his Thursday arrest. Peter Nicholls/Reuters
Assange had said the button would bring "devastating consequences," the AP reported, in a summary of Valencia's remarks.

It is not clear exactly what form the "panic button" took: whether it was a physical device or a metaphor for some other easily activated insurance measure. It is also unclear what leverage Assange thought he had over Ecuador.

Assange's lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider on the nature of the button and whether it existed. According to Valencia, though, it was serious enough for Ecuador to warn British authorities and carry out the raid in such a way that Assange was not able to get back into his room after learning of his imminent arrest.

Ecuador granted Assange asylum in June 2012, when he was trying to evade warrants for his arrest in Sweden and the UK.

He had failed to appear in court to face charges of sexual assault in Sweden, which he denies. He was also wanted in the UK for breaching prior bail conditions.

julian assange arrest ecuador embassy london
A police van outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after Assange's arrest. Peter Nicholls/Reuters
'We've ended the asylum of this spoiled brat'
Ecuador's president announced the removal of Assange's asylum in a Thursday video statement, saying Ecuador's patience had "reached its limit on the behavior of Mr Assange."

"We've ended the asylum of this spoiled brat," he said in a separate speech hours after Assange's arrest, according to the AP.

President Lenín Moreno said Assange breached the conditions of his stay by installing prohibited electronic equipment in the embassy. Moreno said Assange also mistreated security guards and accessed the embassy's security files during his stay.

The Ecuadorian government also told Assange in a memo that he deliberately pointed a studio lamp at a security camera in a room where he received guests, according to government memos released by the WikiLeaks founder's supporters in February.

FILE- In this Friday May 19, 2017 file photo, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange greets supporters outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno said on Tuesday, March 2, 2019, that he wants to reach an agreement for Assange to leave the Embassy in London as soon as possible, as long as his life is not in danger. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)
Assange greeting supporters at the Ecuadorian Embassy in May 2017. Associated Press
Ecuador's troubles with Assange went beyond security concerns.

Officials have accused Assange of being unhygienic and said his skateboarding ruined their floors. Last year it issued a nine-page memo telling him to clean up after his cat.

María Paula Romo, Ecuador's interior minister, said Thursday that Assange had been "allowed to do things like put feces on the walls of the embassy and other behaviors of that nature," according to Reuters.

Ecuadorian authorities deemed this behavior, which they said happened at least once, an act of defiance and disrespect to his hosts, the AP reported. Assange's lawyer attributed it to "stomach problems," Reuters reported.

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assange house
A graphic showing Assange's living area at the embassy. GraphicNews
In a separate memo, Merchan, the ambassador, also sent Assange complaints that he was playing the radio loudly while meeting visitors — which "disturbed the work being carried out by the embassy."

The government said it spent $6.2 million on his upkeep and security from 2012 to 2018.

Ecuador's expulsion of Assange also comes amid a protracted political dispute within the Latin American country.

His ouster comes after years of international and domestic political wrangling between Moreno and his predecessor, Rafael Correa, who granted Assange asylum in 2012.

Moreno has also accused WikiLeaks of being behind an anonymous website that said Moreno's brother created offshore companies to fund his family's luxurious lifestyles in Europe while Moreno was working there for the UN, Reuters reported.

The US on Thursday requested Assange's extradition, charging him with conspiracy to hack classified US government computers, in a document naming the US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.

He was also convicted of breaching bail conditions in the UK.

you dont prevent a killswitch.
that's why it's called a "killswitch."
assange is dead. photos you see are deep fakes.

Does it really matter if he's dead, or if he was simply stopped from releasing the encryption passcodes? Has the same effect doesn't it?
The loss of this information, the world government getting away with EVERYTHING.

Get your head out of your ass and think about how irrelevant him being alive or not is. There is no decryption comming.

>To other anons
Don't delete the failsafe files yet, this could be a con to try and make people delete them believing no key is comming

Those files have been there since about 2016-17, they were the WikiLeaks vault drops

The insurance files are encrypted torrent files (about 1tb worth of data) that can only be unlocked with a specific passcode, nearly impossible to brute Force and crack

The "kill switch" would have sent out the passwords

What he said was literally garbage unworthy of a response, he won't share a cell with anyone they'll both be kept in single cells due to the high profile nature, and obviously two codefendant's won't be roomed together.

As for his "crimes" I suppose he will be "facing up to them" which again us extremely obvious


you won't be getting another (you) from me even if you sw
itch IP's/vpns

Well they referred to it as a panic button, something he was threatening to do himself that they prevented, versus an automated Killswitch

Again as I said though very likely a trick to get people to delete the insurance files, HOLD ONTO THEM at all cost

still makes sense regardless of it being physical or anything else

Ie: why would they arrest him if they knew he had all this blackmail, because they want revenge, or because they don't believe it

Them not believing it does not mean it isn't true however.

But think of his position, DID he have a backup plan? Really?

Every person with the file key is someone who could destroy everything he threw his life away for.
They could get scared and give it up.
They could edit the files from malicious intent.
As smart a man as Assange knows that the keys are safest kept with him, and him alone. 
What he may have failed to realize was that he would have his asylum illegally revoked before he could release his keys.

Which goes in line with this story (assuming it's not a trick to make us delete our insurance files) 

>They know he's the only one
>They (embassy) coordinate the arrest with police to stop him from uploading his keys

Or maybe he does have one or two with keys....

It's maddening not knowing what's going on......

Doesn't have to be a person.
It could be an algorithm that tracks his activities or the press.
If the algorithm sees the words "Assange" and "arrested" or "killed" in a header then it initiates the dump.
The algorithm may be running in a computer in a far remote region of Mongolia, for all we know.

He wants to live and I don't blame him.

He was headed for Russia on snowdens recommendation but was going to be intercepted so he sheltered in the embassy.

I'm sure had he made it to safety we would've seen the information released, Russia just wants the info they don't care if we all have it.

I fully maintain that Russia is one of the, if not THE ONLY, state left that isn't part of the world government.

The last bastion of true self governance

Not to say they have good intentions, but imo a shattered world fighting a strong expansionist Russia is better than living under shackles of the world government that is close to consolidating power

He should have trusted people who could betray him and his work with these important keys?

It remains to be seen if this is a trick or trap to get us to delete the insurance files however.

Read what we discussed ITT, his lawyer or someone close who he totally trusts could have the keys

He could have an algorithm scanning news articles to release it on certain conditions, 

If he gets a proper (non military tribunal) trial, and it's televised he could simply yell the keys out

Any number of things.

Download the insurance files just in case

the cipher might be good or bad, nobody really knows now. it's more than just these insurance files at stake.

what we can attack though it the mode of operation (MOO), or the implementation of AES in these particular cases. usually that's where weaknesses start to appear. AES as a cipher is safe on a 128-bit block, not on >1 unless a good MOO is used. I'm talking ctr w/ a MAC or gcm, etc.

how about we start digging into this instead ?


>Every person with the file key is someone who could destroy everything he threw his life away for.
No. Point by point.

>They could get scared and give it up.
Then the files are decrypted.

>They could edit the files from malicious intent.
This is information theoretically impossible, except in the case of hash collisions, which is on the order of having a 2^-256 probability of occurring. If you don't know what a collision is in the context of data encryption, then I'll explain again in in laymens' terms--"no."

>As smart a man as Assange knows that the keys are safest kept with him, and him alone.
No. Assange is famous. Therefor, the keys are safest with some one (or automatic computer system) which is not famous, and who (or which) can observe Assange's status.

>What he may have failed to realize was that he would have his asylum illegally revoked before he could release his keys.
He doesn't release keys. He prevents the keys from being released. In his absence,the keys are released. This is called a kill switch.

Whether or not he has a kill switch is impossible to know, because it's a kill switch. It's kind of like a threat--some thing that happens if he doesn't take actions from making it not happen.

I mean, whether he's jailed for life or dead, does it technically matter? Both circumstances necessitate a killswitch. The idea being that the operator being dead or incapacitated is what causes the code to be released. Unless Assange repeatedly affirms to the kill switch program that he is still alive and in control of himself, it goes off and releases the decryption.

Well, he's been arrested/incapacitated. No code released. They effectively stopped him. This is especially true if the month of April goes by and there is no release.

>poo on the walls
They are doing a smear campaign.
>cat shit
>oxygen cylinders
>Ambasador Merchan
>personal hygiene
But really, they are.
Behold the media and state are one corrupt peedo ring, the only reason any creep goes into politics is the corruption.

I think I remember reading about his deadmans switch a few years ago when his first insurance files came out. I remember that he had to log in to something every 24 hours or else it would go off. Considering all the surveillance he's been under it would be silly to think that the NSA and GCHQ don't know how his kill switch works.

> remember, the point of a deadmans switch is that after it goes off, there is no longer any reason for your enemies to keep you alive.

The two options right now are:

1. He's using his deadman's switch as a bargaining chip to prevent being tortured and or killed.
2. The government really did find a way to prevent the deadmans switch from going off.

> The important point though is that if you already DLed the insurance files may as well keep them around. It is certainly possible for it to off in the future.

 saying there is no kill switch. It works like this: there is a system that releases information automatically but every so often Assange has to login to confirm he’s alive. If he doesn’t it releases the first wave of information. It won’t release all at once so that if he’s in custody he still has leverage. If released all at once then the damage is done and his captors have nothing to lose. It’s probably an automatic email system that will send the password to confidential trusted sources or attempt to publish the code online.

He cannot be extradited to GITMO. GITMO Exists specifically to keep military prisoners off US soil because once they set foot on US soil, they are no longer under UCMJ and are subject to the US courts and US constitutional protections. He cannot be extradited to foreign soil and he is not facing any military charges... So no GITMO.

I strongly suspect due to the timing coinciding with Mueller's witch-hunt/shit-show The DOJ has a deal with Assange in mind and need him to name names. Today the first indictment of one of Obama's lackeys happened. I suspect it's payback time.

Assange commits suicide by two gunshots to the head.

Not the keys reddit is currently working on, but alternate options related to the book


Could The ISBN On Gore Vidal Book be the password for a switch?

Gore Vidal History of The National Security State: Includes Vidal on America

Author: The Real News Network

ISBN-13: 9781494887995

ISBN-10: 1494887991


Interesting Idea. Maybe there is a famous quote in the book that is the key. Like the password for Vault 7.