RIP America Betrayed by your elites

The biggest rape in the US ever. 650k ready to rape anything that moves. And american "men" will watch as their wives receive the whole enchilada...
RIP America
Betrayed by your elites
Invaded by the third world with the complicity of their own elites
Your daughters will be raped and your sons bullied into submission
All while upper class whites sneeze at you for being lower status
Liberal whites are literally going full genocide to prove they are higher status than their peers and can afford to survive among ruins while pretending they don't notice
Fuck comfort and technology

Nothing was worth this tragedy

it's a migrant horde strong-arming their way into the country illegally. They will diminish the political influence of my people in favor of theirs. They are invaders

I'm moving up north where it's better in anticipation for this collapse. Texas will be Latin American after all is said and done. Rural Texans are aging or hooked on meth. My only hope is that the horrors of what takes place redpill the remaining in the area where I move to, that the propaganda grinds to a halt and the truth is finally allowed to prevail. If they cuck out up north there will be nowhere left to run

Welcome to the bongworld nightmare, enjoy no fucking politicial force doing anything but yadda yadda yadda while they continue to flood the fuck in.... and no its not going to stop because Muh Trump, only delay a bit if anything then it'll be right back the moment hes gone, reps or dems it dosnt matter

Its all going according to plan and Trump cant do a fucking thing to stop, of sure youll get the wall, in bits but nothing is going to stop the flood with the pissy faggot human right BS laws diluting your constitution more and more, and no we arnt going to be allowed to leave the EU and are probably going to have freedom of movement reinforced on us even though we the people voted otherwise and were promised the will would be honored...

Just look at the shit the dems are pulling all the time, your in a reprieve there in burgerland thats all and nope you wont be getting your guns out anytime soon and making a stand, its going to be a slow painful decline and loss of whatever freedoms you have left, of which btw most are just an illusion... I have no answers when the ones with all the money and power are against the rest of us and people are generally now corrupt, brainwashed faggots, quislings and cowards... its done and done lads, i wish I could say otherwise but im an old croc and its never got better in my lifetime only worse. Prepare accordingly as best you see fit,

it's a good strategy. probably coached on it by aipac. complain and whine about the immigrant problem while holding the door open. complain loudly and often, but keep the door open. fill the factories and farms of your "conservative" buddies while crying about the immigration problem. when election time comes around, blame the democrats for the immigration problem and promise to keep fighting to close the borders.

How do you think they got where they are today?
They children are literally taught to lie the way you were taught to be polite
All of their myths and holidays revolves around people whom they have destroyed

They make anti years later for fuck sake
Literally all totalitarian ideologies came from them
All bolsheviks
They re responsible for the destruction of earth s environment and resources on one side, the 160 million deaths of Bolshevism on the other, and the enslavement of humanity

And that’s only their crimes in the last 100 years