Rap in the 90s and then it when further down when they were introduced in reality TV(MTV and VH1) and switching from Family values to Materialism >>

We're Blacks always violent pre 90s?

Looking at Black sitcoms they don't seem too bad and then they changed thanks to Rap in the 90s and then it when further down when they were introduced in reality TV(MTV and VH1) and switching from Family values to Materialism

who owns these rap lables?

Gang culture became more popular with everyone in the 2000s not just blacks, but if affected them the hardest since they were living closest to it. That being said both this show and the price of bel-air were definitely helping before hand.

Pre-1990s they were segregated into ghettos and housing projects. Since then, most of the projects have been shuttered and their residents spread out across more of the cities’ limits and suburbia, leading to expanded gang territories, and corruption of the white youth.

Yes but their media image was tightly controlled.

Remember there wasn't social media for nogs to upload footage of their chimpouts to. Security camera were also rarer, more expensive, and didn't make the evening news.

White people were still digesting forced desegregation and wouldn't yet have the stomach for all the "you owe us, whitey" crap.

Then in the 90s, Gangsta rap was pushed in order to mainstream degeneracy in white youth.

The black murder rate has always been rather high in the US. You can see it really starts to explode in the mid-60's, though - enough to raise the entire national rate.

Bill Cosby got shit from the media for telling black people to pull up their pants and speak proper English. Even when the show was on it got criticized for being "too white." No way that was gonna last.

90s sitcoms were jewish propaganda just like they are now. They were still violent then. The only time they were doing better was around the 50s and 60s they were living in normal families and some even had jobs, but then divorce and single motherhood was introduced. Black families collapsed, a lot of them moved to northern cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore at this time and just started living off welfare and crime.

They were yes, peak was the crack wars of late 80's early 90's.

As soon as the paternalism of the segregation era ended black men began abandoning their children marriage and began an unprecedented crime spree in the United States. You see a new bump higher now with BLM and police reluctance to risk prosecution for enforcing laws. It ususally, like the crack wars, resolves itself in the high number of dead and murdered, eventually returning the crime and violence to its "normal" level through attrition unfortunately.

The new york solution was to all but completely eliminate blacks from Manhattan and replace them in service jobs with foreigners. New york used to be thought of as a black city, virtually none live in Manhatttan any longer.

FIRE. Finance Insurance and Real Estate interests realized they were allowing some of the most valuable land on the planet to sit unutilized because of violent blacks and quickly sought to gentrify them out of the picture. Unaffordable now.

They are attempting this plan in Chicago now, but there is more land in the outskirts taht make it harder to work the plan.

Eventually in 50 years, the idea that the great citites of the US were turned over to black gangs will be thought of as one of the strangest things ever. Land is just too valuable and desirable.

Funny you'd say that, at the time The Cosby Show first aired a number of black critics lambasted Lionel Huxtable and the Huxtable family for not being "authentically black" enough, because they were portrayed as being so wholesome. A popular refrain was "It's a show about a white family, cast with black actors". Back in the 80s niggers were calling the sanitized depiction of black family life in The Cosby Show for not keeping it real.

Sanford and Son was better, anyway.

white flight is a pretty interesting social phenomenon. millions of white americans picked up their shit and left. tptb knew at the time what would happen if they forcibly integrated blacks, and they did it anyway. it's just a roundabout way to keep people moving around and keep them from clustering up.

The entertainment white/black divide didn't start until about 1993.

All throughout the 1980s, whites and blacks would listen to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince... watch the same movies, watch the same Television shows.

The moment that the hip-hop / rap scene from California came about in 1992/1993, mixed in with the LA Riots of April 1992, and mixed in shortly after with the entire OJ chase and court case

1992 = LA Riots

1993 = Dr. Dre's The Chronic and Snoop introduced to the entire country

1994 = O.J. chase and subsequent trial

that perfect trifecta of events did so much to the trajectory of race relations and entertainment interest for the country... it was at that point that mainstream whites started to notice that blacks were falling off the tracks and creating their own opposition force - a permanent opposition to the white mainstream entertainment and to the basic family unit, and ever since then blacks have been a permanent opposition force to us, it was not like that in the 1980s

the point of black sitcoms was to try and shape the community to be something better. Cosby saw all the violence, broken families and single motherhood and thought if he put something positive on TV that it might shape black culture. So all those shows are about cohesive black families sticking together through thick and thin. it wasn't a reflection of reality but rather it was a fictitious reality that they desired to be true.


And now we see them returning en masse. Particularly the affluent and the childless hipsters who create these gentrified areas. In the top tier elite cities, Miami NY LA this is further supplemented by foreign financial elites purchasing large real estate holdings to shelter capital from instability in their homelands. Working class blacks are all but gone from their old south central and brooklyn stomping grounds. Largely Mexican and young whites now. Some of teh more valuable real estate in the nation.

Oaklnad in the bay area will be an enormous example of this in the next 20 years. Massive wealth there.

lack the internal empathy of other races, which is why they actually function reasonably well in small, tightly knit, homogeneous communities where a strict, corporeal social code can be enforced from the top down. The diffusion of blacks into significantly larger, less homogeneous, "tolerant" communities, combined with the complete breakdown of the black family due to drugs and welfare, has removed all of the restrictions that previously elevated them to a passably civilized (if primitive) state.

If you think anything in America was more peaceful in the 90s you're ignoring facts and using your childhood innocence nostalgia to reinforce your wrong feels.

Crime steadily rose from the 50s until the 90s due to racial tensions, loss of global hegemony, and lead poisoning affecting neural development. I have no idea why this isn't talked about more but it is literally true in every developed country that used leaded gasoline. People grew up as mental midgets without inhibition and committed crime because of it.

Black criminality grew exponentially since the 50s, when it already wasn't great. There are a lot of theories as to why but my money is on a welfare system that incentivized wrecking family structures and the civil rights act which destroyed the black middle class by making black businesses compete directly with white ones. This is probably an unpopular opinion on /pol/ because of the desire to reduce everything to genetics, which probably also have some hand in things. For my part, the blacks that I've met who were decent came from strong southern families where every one worked. A lot of these are like black rednecks.

Yes, black people were violent just look at the 70s when we really started to go down hill. Before that the same shit happen but there was a hesitance to "chimp out" as they say because there were life and death consequences to doing so. Not just from white but our own. You raped, killed, or steal and someone would make you pay.

The 80s (yes in the 80s black violence and violence in general was at a terrible high) black were being seduced by a new wave of anti-American mindsets and the Mother Africa movement. The 90s on the other hand glorified the ghetto side of the black community that was only shown in a dark light in film.

After the 60s Jews slithered their way into the Hollywood industry's higher positions.

70s sitcoms and dramas were highly politicized but in covert ways.

All the hit TV shows of that era had Jewish creators, writers, directors, producers.

Shows like All In The Family, Good Times, Maude were divisive tools to zap communist propaganda into the American household.

I'll never understand how they managed to ingrain this concept of "white guilt" into the minds of white westerners to the point where they are willingly headed right off a cliff all in the name of virtue signaling and imaginary redemption. They are doing it to anglo-saxons cause "muh slavery" and Germans cause "muh 6 gorillion", while others just don't give a flying fuck and it flat out doesn't work. It's much harder to guilt trip the likes of China or Russia.


Same as today except the number of bad eggs were slightly less.

Black criminals stole and terrorized their own.

Only difference was the hard working decent black folks would fight back. Black on white crime was a death sentence. Black folks literally told their people to not go to white places stirring up trouble because it would effect everyone in the community.

Movies today try to paint black people as yearning for desegregation but that was not the consensus. That was young black kids being told by communist and Jews that segregation is bad and to cohabitate with whites and other races. It's the same tactics and tricks used on young women a few years ago going into college. Prey on their insecurities and anger to make them radicals.


They were considered Cryptojews for most of their lives. Most people didn't know they were Jewish. People in the business most definitely knew.

Jews in early era Hollywood still couldn't be out and open with their semantic roots. They also had no desire to be political in their works. They just want sacks of money.

When it came to TV they had to cater to the white audiences, they had to adhere to American societal standards. When the civil rights and civil unrest shit happen there were Jews in the industry who saw an opening to push communist ideals via TV shows and entertainment.

Like I said they started to replace white writers and creators of shows. Suddenly the wholesome tv shows disappeared and you got overly sexualized sitcoms with double ententes and socio-polical commentary.

language https://civic.mit.edu/2019/01/24/how-automated-tools-discriminate-against-black-language/

If you want to understand how black US gang culture took off as the nuclear family broke down and Jim Crow ended, read "Redemption" by Stanley 'Tookie' Williams, one of the founders of the Crips. By the time he was arrested and got the death sentence in 1979, the template for the gangs that ran with the 80s crack explosion was already set. There has been too much shit thrown at CIA involvement in running cocaine for black ops money in the 80s to fund the Contras in Nicaragua for all of that to be bullshit either - whether you believe it was deliberately fueling the epidemic for other objectives depends how hard you think the CIA glows?

you do know what the underlying cause of this is right?