All honkpilled shall rendezvous en masse outside The White House on the 26th of April.

Equipment required:

- Rainbow wig
- Clown costume

Recommended equipment:

- Spinning bowtie
- Squirting flower
- Handheld circus clown horn, not an airhorn or anything that exceeds safe SPL levels
- A piece of paper that says NICE that can be furled and unfurled to the extent at which the user deems necessary

Most can be acquired cheaply from joke shops or online.


The Clown World must be Clown-Pilled.


- If you're asked by a member of the public what you're protesting: honk your horn, spin your bowtie etc and say nothing. Do not start political rants or give anyone some sort of anecdote to label the event as anything other than a honkpill.
- If you're asked by a journalist - independent or MSM - what you're protesting, squirt them with the flower, honk and spin your bowtie
- If you're asked by a journalist or anyone else if this is viral marketing for the Joker movie calmly deploy the n-word to them so they can hear you clearly. Continue Niggering if they fail to understand the message

Operation is a GO. Good luck and Semper Pie.



>How weak they are.


Alliance Israelite Universelle
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
American Jewish Committee
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
American Zionist Movement
Amit Women
Anti-Defamation League
ARZA/World Union
B’nai Brith
Board of Deputies of British Jews
Centre Information and Documentation on Israel(Netherlands)
Ethiopian Jewry
European Association for Jewish Studies
European Council of Jewish Communities
European Sephardic Institutions
European Union of Jewish Students
Executive Council of Australian Jewry
Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS
French Jewish Communities
Hillel-The foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews
Jesna-Jewish Education Services of North America
Jewish Agency for Israel
Jewish Communities of the World
Jewish Foundation for Ukraine
Jewish National Fund-Keren Kayemet
Jewish National Fund-Keren Kayemet-France
Jewishnet-Global Jewish Information Network
Jewish Women’s Archive
Joint Distribution Committee-Israel
International Council of Jewish Women
Leatid Europe-European Center for Jewish Leadership
Masorati Movement in Israel
Na’amat-Women’s Labor Zionist Organization of America
National Council of Young Israel
National Foundation for Jewish Culture
Orthodox Union
Partnership 2000
The Israeli Forum
UJA Federations of North America
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Union of Councils for Soviet Jews
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
WIZO-Women’s International Zionist Organization
World Jewish Congress
World ORT Union
World Union of Jewish Students
Young Judea
Zionist Organization of America