OIS - Danquirs Franklin [BWC footage - Ofc. Kerl]

On March 25, 2019, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department received two separate 911 calls, both in reference to an armed individual who entered the business at 2601 Beatties Ford Road.  The first caller frantically said she needed police quickly because the individual entered the store, walked behind the counter with a gun and was pointing it at an employee.  The second caller frantically said she needed police because an individual had approached her vehicle while she was waiting for food in the parking lot of the business and pulled out a gun.  Both callers independently called 911 between 9:00 am and 9:02 am.  

An assault with a deadly weapon with no injury call for service was entered at 9:01 am.  Metro Division Officer Wende Kerl and Metro Division Officer Larry Deal were dispatched to the call for service at 9:02 am and they both arrived at 9:04 am. A description of the individual was given to both officers over the radio, and in addition, our Real Time Crime Center was monitoring the call and directed the officers over the radio to his exact location.  Both Officers exited their vehicle in the parking lot and observed an individual, later identified as Danquirs Franklin, squatting next to an open front passenger door of a vehicle that was parked in a parking space at the business.  Both Officers gave several commands to Mr. Franklin to drop the gun.  A short time later, Officer Kerl perceived an imminent, deadly threat and subsequently fired her department issued firearm two times, striking Mr. Franklin.  He was transported to Atrium Health where he was pronounced deceased a short time later.