Nobody asked you whether or not you wish to come in this world.

Life is a short moment of suffering between two non-existences, before birth and after death. To experience pleasure, love or happiness is always uncertain, but suffering is inevitable. And suffering is something each living creature attempts to avoid. In the light of science there is no reason to believe we are nothing but bio-robots and when we die, we simply expire into nothingness with no afterlife or other religious stuff whatsoever. Death means termination of all feelings, including misery and suffering. That is to say, non-existence is better than existence.

Nobody asked you whether or not you wish to come in this world. So why should anyone deny you to exit it if that is your will? Life is nothing but a series of chemical reactions and there is no objective purpose - the only purpose of life is whatever we subjectively and arbitrarily give it. But what if I refuse to play this game and delude myself into believing in a purpose? Death is inevitable anyway, self termination is merely accelerating it and foregoing all the bullshit, the misery of growing up and becoming an old and unattractive out of touch person, ever closer to irrelevancy and to rot in an old home until you die of some disease, the misery of having to deal with marriage and women and children. I refuse to play this game.

You will continue in your decedent and your Volk. Your consciousness is an illusion that helps your genes to continue their line of decent, you as an individual are ultimately meaningless and just a small part in the chain, but if you brake that chain than it was all for nothing. Death is not really a big thing, we only fear it because that fear is useful to our continued line of descent. The illusion of consciousness fades away and once more you are nothing but a part of the universe.