Morpheus. The Red Pill. The desert of the real. Normies.

The Matrix was the bible of our generation. It caught the attention of most of us here when we were young children, and it stayed embedded in us like a mind splinter.

All of our memes center around waking up the individual in society to the fact that their symbolic order is hostile to them, and that they should participate in the creation of the symbolic order.

And now the normies are beginning to wake up. Congratulations, edgelords. You did the big one and helped humanity graduate to the next level of consciousness... right? No. You are causing global revolution, and manifesting the very endtimes you claim so loudly to dread.

You just want to be right. You fear the present, although you know full well that by cultivating your will you could not just be a keyboard warrior, but a true leader, philosopher, or good politician.

You are more powerful than you think. And you are only on this earth for a brief moment. Instead of merely instigating change in others, you must also, sincerely undertake the process of self-individuation (jung). This way, will not be a blind oracle, but one who is free from the bondage of the desires and able to apply your own wisdom. When you have risen above the common man, then you should target your 'redpills' at the virtuous man. You flip the paradigm and maintain the infrastructure but run the kingdom correctly.



4chan was literally never about popular culture. It was literally born from Japanese 2chan and loved anime. 4chan was originally a bunch of outcasts millennial's with the rare X gen old fart. You wanna know the real reason why 4chan became a reliable canary in the coal mine?

It started with the millennial's who got shat on and screwed over from the get-go. They watched as the American dream died for their generation. They watched as they got enslaved by debt. They watched helplessly as the Great Recession crippled them. Everybody blamed the Millennial's for being too poor. For being too shitty. For not marrying enough. ect. It was ALWAYS their fault. Never once did they self reflect. Never once did they ever think about how the millennial's felt.

4chan was literally the only place that called them out on their shit. Once they started calling them out on it they never stopped. They laughed at those who couldn't withstand the truth. They created memes with 0 fucks. They shitposted and all wore a mask all were anon. 4chan influence happened because anonymous is everywhere and when you give someone a mask they will tell you the truth. Anonymous despite their offensive humor, love of horrible truths, and shitposting deep down actually cares. Truth is nobody else does. That is why 4chan is such a reliable canary in the coal mine because anons care.

After what happened in Libya anons didn't want a repeat in Syria so they created Syria General and supported Syrians when nobody else would. FOR YEARS 24/7 365 days a year for FREE. Anons went after MSM for all their lies and actually proved to be better at gathering news then they are. To the point of destroying their credibility in the eyes of the public.

It's not about being right. Anonymous hates being right.