Land of the free

life in prison

I hope the woman who was with that guy is really proud of herself, she is the reason he is dead. She should have been calming him down and taking him away from the situation instead of sitting back recording it all hoping to watch her husband beat up two guys. Probably the worst sort of woman you could settle with. Many of us men know these types.

He was literally threatening to kill them with a bat. They just waited there and said "dude if you attack us we'll kill you."

He then fucking attacked them. It would've been one thing if they were brandishing guns in his face and threatening to kill him and his family or something, but they made it very clear, they were just going to wait for him to attack them, then blast him.

All he had to do was walk away, call the police, and say that two men menaced him with guns. That was ALL he had to fucking do, and he would've probably put them away for a spell.

Castle Doctrine only applies to your property. Stand your Ground applies on public property. They were entirely within their rights in the state of Texas, they cannot be tried for murder, period. Not even manslaughter voluntary or involuntary.

these guys were fucking morons who do nothing but tarnish the reputation of owners. They shaped my views and is the reason why I believe in gun ownership but it’s pretty clear the culture is fucking garbage. Forget the mass shootings. I focus on crap like this which happens way too often. There is a paranoia out there and most are too fucking immature to deal with it. They act out like the niggers this board makes fun of. I see no difference between this trailer trash and some thug in Chicago.

>There was a no bat in the video

Whats it like to be a total uniformed.
so many sides to this story