in Paris

so, I am currently visiting Paris and had a nice encounter with some Africans at Sacre Ceour church - pic related, where they tried to force some bullshit wristband on me - I got away without paying anything because I started a loud argument with them - but u saw a lot of people giving them money. my question therefore is: France wtf? Grand nation? I think not

Yeah when I went to France two years ago it was like this too, but only in the cities. Especially Paris go to the Louvre when I went there was like four hundred ones harassing people trying to get them to buy useless shit. Same with England like London was just over ran with Muslims and ones. Even with that I loved Europe. The food, the white people, the scenery, ect all great. Italy was great too. Oh if you get a chance drive to Verdun it was beautiful and sorrowful at the same time.

What would happen if you told them to get the fuck away from you and we’re aggressively hostile? Will they attack you? Can you be arrested for talking to them as they should be addressed? Can you provoke them into assault and then start teeing off on them? Curious how the dynamic works out there now. I went on a trip through Tuscany for a few weeks back in 2004 and didn’t see a single one the entire time. Even in Rome, as shitty as it was compared to what I expected, there were very few ones roaming around. The small cities and towns we went to were amazing and the highlight of the trip. Sienna, San Gimingano, and some other smaller towns I forget the names of, had almost no one besides natives and white tourists, and the people were surprisingly friendly even knowing I was an American. Seems like things might be very different today. How does Italy compare to Germany, France, Portugal, Spain?

Country like in the campaign(rural zone).
In cities you have extra-europeans.More you go into rural zones less you'll see them.Then for sure it will be annoying because you wont have a lot of h&m,starbucks,mcdonalds or any capitalist brands but at least you have french,the french country and everything.And you can also rent a car like that you can move all along france and visit our beautiful country.Why going to paris when you can the "chateaux de la loire"
why going to paris when you can go to "puy du faou"?

Idk i'm french but i literally hate paris and always make me sad people think paris is a mirror of france.French and parisians are a lot different.


I'm not Irish, so if you're looking for an opinion on reunification or something I won't be much use. As someone who has lived here for five years and has been to the north a few times I think it is nice. Belfast has a decent amount of interesting history but you wouldn't want more than a few days there. The 'Black Cab Tours' are easily one if the best tours I have been on in my life. How often do you get a civil war history tour from someone who lived through it in a city where it happened? It was great. There is also a Titanic museum. Other than that it is alright, the accent is nice. If you have other questions ask away. Ireland is a good place for tourists because you won't have migrant groups harassing you.

I toured all of Europe and while Id prefer to go back to Italy as a tourist, Ireland is the only place I could live in. Low population density, beautiful scenery, doesn't get miserably hot like the continent, and they like Americans. I did the ring of kerry tour and agree with what youve said on everything, especially Dublin. Hope you saw Killarney, gap of dunloe, or some of the out of the way treasures like grange stone circle. 

How have you managed 5 years as a foreigner?

I've been to a few places around Europe since living here. Spain is really bad for migrants, Portugal had gypsies trying to sell fake drugs, London is a caliphate, same with Amsterdam. Its pretty sad to be honest because people from there seem to take no notice. If you travel Europe you're honestly better off avoiding the cities anyway.

I haven't made it to Grange yet but have seen a lot of the country. Ireland has a massive shortage of technical workers (think engineers, IT and the like), so it was easy for me to find work. My girlfriend is from here so she helped navigate some of the introductory stuff. There are a ton of amazing spots that the locals only really know about like Lismore Castle, the Waterford Greenway and a few other spots. In all fairness, unless you're a complete shithead you'll get on easily here. The pay and benefits for work aren't bad either.

blablabla stealing?You're talking about a thing you don't ever know. WHo is stealing tho ? big french companies is that the average france who is facing the negative effect of mass-immigration who steal africa ? Why africans don't overthrown their corrupted elites instead of coming here ? The average french steal nothing,is government is staling him+his government make good deal with africans elites+make mass immigration a good things for these big companies like that they put pressure on minimal income and destroy the proletarian solidarity by excluding who are not agree with all that by saying 'you're racist bouhoo"

and the avrage french just get fucked in all holes by jews,arabs and blacks.
and why am i trying to explain something so obvious to a fucking idiot who just repeat "they stole us so i just move to countries where i can openly blame people instead of blaming governments because thanks to governments i can get money for free,medicare for free and an appartment for free i blame people who are just stolen by the same government to pay everything i get ,i'm a african and cant face my own responsaibility in this shit gneugneu "

 Before the evil white man showed up, Africa couldn't feed itself, let alone dig a resource out of the ground. Even after the white man improved living conditions there, built railroads, roads, and entire cities with skyscrapers, the dumb negros in Africa still can't figure out how to capitalize on their resources. Now China is buying up Africa and you're still crying about the white man.

Wow, they are still there. I was in Paris about 10 years ago and they grabbed my arm while saying conversational things to me. Put the band on even though i refused. I eventually asked him how much so i could leave. He kept saying dont worry i'll give you change. I knew i only had notes in my wallet and my family had gone on without me. I was trying to shout to them to get change but they were out of ear shot. So I pulled out my wallet and handed him €20. He just pocked it and didnt give me change. I kept asking him for my change back and he kept repeating its ok dont worry about it. Later that day, i realized that the €40 that i had taken out of the ATM earlier that day was so fresh and new that they were lightly held together perfectly. So i had give him €40 fucking quid for a 10c piece of string. A great day in Paris of 2009. Nice feeling getting robbed for the first time. Wouldn't go there again.

They are allowed there by the Gov.
1) What else are they going to do?
>rob, steal, mug, rape
2) Would they be replaced if enforced?

I was in Italy recently and experienced the same thing. They would threaten to take money if you didn't buy their stupid shit. I told them to try it if they wanted to be eating through a straw. But since they didn't speak anything besides broken English I don't think they understood. They did fuck off though. It made me wonder how long before violence would occur just so that the business entities that are slinging their dumb shit to tourists can make a buck.