#HONKHONK What have i done. #HONKHONK

>be me

>wake up in clown world
>turn on tv and see immigrants complaining about an orange man
>change channel
>kikes are kvetching about the economy, as usual
>leave house
>car has been demolished by super predators
>walk to work and dodge crowd at lgbtqp parade
>see john podesta walking by with some pizza
>some half-naked guy in a mask and cape shrieks at the local priest
>narrowly avoid jihad from muslim protestors
>crawl into work
>female boss calls me into her office for being late
>ask to stay outside to avoid metoo movement - pence rule
>get assigned to work with a diversity hire
>can barely speak english and steals my watch
>new girl comes over and asks me on a date
>sure, why not
>female boss fires me in a fit of jealous rage
>calls me a white male - i'm actually irish
>burns her bra and denounces patriarchy
>leave work and go get an ice cream - 2 scoops
>meet up with date
>tells me that "she" used to be a he
>shows me "her" penis
>use the wrong pronoun
>get called a bigot
>get drunk and go home
>can't use the internet - not enough social credit points
>pay taxes to israel
>get into bed
>someone else is already in there
>go to grab my gun, remember they were banned
>throw them out of the house
>turns out it was an fbi agent wanting to read me harry potter as a bed time story
>go to sleep
>get arrested for hate speech

>honk honk