Eyes Wide Shut / again

 redpill facts about Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut?I think this is an inherently political film since it led (((them))) killing based Stan.

The most basic take would be that ((( they))) engage in satanic rituals, human sacrifice and have the ability to de-person you, memoryhole events and trying to expose them will cost you everything.

Also of significance is the fact that the top guys at Warner Bros quit after this films "incident"...

I heard 40+ minutes.
There's two characters that show up in multiple scenes and at the last scene walk away with Bill's daughter.
I think there must have been some serious shit they cut out.
There's a good movie called The Kill List where a hitman discovers his assigned targets are working in a pedophilia cult. It's a great film,

I was under the impression they just snipped some nudity/sex at the party scenes to get an R rating.

Also, they CGI-ed in some objects to 'block' some sex scenes.

Usually a DVD release will come out at some point with all the original footage, if that didn't/doesn't happen it would be odd... Since Stanley get such praise as the 'uber director' ...there is no way in hell anyone would 'lose/destroy' a single frame of anything he shot.

That's probably it and they will make a shit ton of money off some more vague allusions to an illuminati group that aren't conclusive.

I wish people would stop wasting their time with these breadcrumbs that just get them more lost in the forest. Look for hard facts to line up with these pieces of art.

The thing is Kubrick was an artistic genius, meaning he might have been a schizo conspiracy theorist that was just capable of depicting his theories in a way that is very appealing in cinema form. That doesn't mean he was right or in the know, it just means he had the ability to really drive his points home. The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, and Eyes Wide Shut were all based on books you know, so these weren't even his stories.

Read about the guy that wrote full metal jacket, and how he worked with Kubrick. It's not really a happy tale. I'd say the underlying story is that he was a bit of a rip off artist that actually clouded the message in a story rather than delivering it to the audience.

It makes me so sick and sad brave people like this willing to give their lives to save children and expose darkness will never get proper remembrance for being trailblazers and heroes. I hope their is truly a heaven so god’s tortured and ridiculed heroes on this earth get spiritually rewarded. And in Jesus’s name I proclaim their work will not be all in vain and that Jesus will one day make these sick leaders feel equally the amount of pain they have caused in the lives of innocent children. I sometimes get so frustrated knowing Jesus’s death promises these sick fuckers can torture god’s children all their mortal lives, and as long as they, in complete fear, ask for his forgiveness at the end it is all washed away and made right. But who am I to understand I guess? Maybe just the thought of asking God for forgiveness is the most horrible thing these people could possibly think of or endure, because it shows them they truly have no power and are not the god’s they believe they are.

Not most, but that was definitely some. Cruise comes home at night, breaks down crying to Kidman when she wakes. Then immediately cut to MORNING, both of them clearly have been up all night, both in tears. They obviously had a discussion about giving their daughter to the cult and had just accepted what they were going to do. There's obviously some sick shit that got cut out of the party too as well as the cult communicating to Cruise that they want his daughter in exchange for his life.

 It's based off a book, I think that's something you should pay attention to.

That girl attends the parties. See the screenshot posted earlier in the thread. Also the cult clearly overreacted. Oh no, you saw us fucking prostitutes, all anonymous, masked so you cannot even identify anyone? Oh no, rich people fuck prostitutes, that's what brainwashed normies assume anyway, wouldn't be damning. Obviously there were more sinister activities at the party that Warner Bros axed.

 I kind of wonder if it isn't about Tom Cruise's character having all of these moral dilemmas and trying to maintain his character while basically turning a blind eye to the child prostitute he came across at the costume shop. There is a lot of that in society and it plays into the title. Missing the forrest for the trees type of thing.

As Kubrick was 100% copy of those books.
and cinema is not only about stories but also HOW you tell a history.
Books are LINEAR/LOGIC appealing
It takes a autist like Stanley to make a good admixture of both.

Isn't that supposed to be the terrifying thing though? That they are a bunch of pig fucking degenerates but they still have concrete rules, codes and rituals that they will obey with the rigor of a Southern Baptist? Like they are beholden to it.

In reality he is literally owned by the cult, as they know who he is, where he live. His wife and the doctor his friend are participant of the cult.
He is a deadman walking from that night on.

Whatever Kubrick shot, Tom would know it, right? We should ask the guy, doesn't the hacker known as 4chan have connections at scientology HQ? I thought we infiltrated that thing way back in the day. Pull some strings, Mr 4chan

the actress who played the chicken that sacrificed herself to save Dr. Bill's life in the movie was on the Alex Jones show a few years ago and basically confirmed the fact that 30 minutes were cut from the actual film.

it's not that "high" and mystic of what they appear to be. And, if there's such groups, there are good and bad ones, and no matter what you are, maybe some of them are just having psychopathic tendencies or they're fucking flipping because they have to run this god-awful shit show called life. There's people died from less. Then there's money and power and boredom and stuff, idk. Maybe they hate themselves or their lives as you are in fucking chains, especially if you got the money. There's no running away from responsibilities if you got it all, unless you're some kind of hedge fund hereditary.

click on pic for full photo and download it and share

Honestly I think it's about sex magic more than pedophilia, even though that would play into it. If you get really into rainbows and their occult symbolism you can delve into some of that meaning. Rainbow was a sign of the serpent in some cultures, which was carried by water. The female was associated with the serpent mainly because of the menstrual cycle. A LOT of movies carry these occult symbols only other occultists would recognize. In all honesty you are better off just reading a bible and not learning this shit, because once you understand it it just makes it more difficult to deny the hold it has on some people.

It's not easy to be truly woke in this world, I've thought about plenty of sick things upon many people under all this craziness. Years ago I was thinking about joining into OTO, or Freemasons, as one of those groups were mentioned in the earlier link, that mirror writing originates from Leonardo Da Vinci, at least he's one of the oldest known users of it, stars are not that bad and this God thing we got rolled upon our eyes is total ignorance and enlil is far away from an actual creator. Then there's the law of karma, like what goes around, comes around, for all of us, eventually. Even to the highest reigners of this planet.

Church of Satan and plenty of others, light or dark, are just mere gate keepers from the actual truth, which is not that high and mystic, like we were created as a slave species to do tedious work for the gods. Religion = religare = thwart, hold back (from development), worship means working and, shit, gods forbid. I hope some will pay for this shit like big time. Fucking abomination this planet. As a side note, have you ever thought about why there is so much shit in the near space orbits? Like, maybe someone tries to block outsiders from there and being able to block the spectators too? Or like, this depopulation agenda, 5G climate change, they're all being used and at worst case will be used to cover some tracks, as this is, what it is.

Masonic symbolism my ass, that symbolizes two sides of one being, left right, light dark etc. also there's a damn crown on that eagle which symbolizes the unity consciousness, and it's also a Russian coat of arms. Not some shitshow mason lore, even less Redshield's symbol, because they got unicorns in their official house banner. Guys are misinformed. Maybe they were trying to portray the suffering of Russia but good luck trying to get that country away from your stupid conquests, they will nuke the whole west back to the stone age if you ever dare to touch it in a big scale.

the tri-legion has one and the same god, which is alien breed and he was their royalty. Idk what they'd say if they'd know what's happening in here now. They're losing it, if you haven't seen what's going on in the world right now. Everything is going full retard, the weather is absolutely crazy, manic depressive, one would say. Now someone is trying to drive people off the cliff so they can be blamed from everything, once again. Like deluge, what a moral abominations those people were. Here's a tool to decrypt all the stuff in the world.

download this to fully see it. 

even more cats


That’s cause they whacked him before he got to finish his final edits. Something about it seemed unfinished/unpolished. Like when the daughter just leaves the store at the end with those two guys. There’s no point in the plot prior that explains that scene, it just happens.

 agree that the last scene was meant to be they took their daughter. In particular, the child prostitute scene seems utterly pointless without it. Without them giving up their daughter to save their lives, or at least being confronted with the choice, the movie makes no sense.

The plot of the movie is that an artist tells a member of the public about the elite sex parties he entertains at and is murdered for it. We follow that member of the public while he's struggling with issues of fedelity, but that in no way changes the plot of the film.

then why do they give their daughter at the end to the two weirdos who were guarding the stairs during the party, without even caring about it, since they say they gotta fug to breed another one (who'll prbly meet the same fate)?

i have a hard time believing we got to see anything but a VERY watered down version of the movie. kubrick died 6days after showing his cut of the movie. i have, and i know it's tinfoil hat time, but i have no doubt at all his cut of the movie would have been MUCH more revealing.

I agree and I think that is why it's called Eyes Wide Shut, the viewer is actually programmed to be looking for main character to be a hero and kind of witnesses the actions of morality while missing all of the neglect Bill has

Basically he is clued in two people are murdered and he sees a minor being prostituted, but he is so focused on himself and his image he completely ignores these two things. The audience seems to fall for the same thing and doesn't really ask why he never reported the guy whoring out his daughter or stuck his neck out to find out who killed the two people. There is a sense of hopelessness in all of it that is terrifying. It's evident if he kept prying he would have been killed or his family would have, so that could explain his indifference. Either way, the idea that he has made the right choices in the movie is not correct, he failed.

if you pay attention to local media especially you see they keep specific local events/happenings out to the benefit of the local ruling class. if something never hits the newspaper or local tv news, it's like it literally never happened. that's my takeaway. it's painfully easy to keep shit out of the local news because they're so short-staffed and hard up for ad revenue and the fucking "editor" and "news managers" make peanuts

only showed to warner execs/small circles, followed by his passing five days later. movie release was months after.
followed by those people attending the screening loosing their job (as mentioned before):
He really, absolutely, legitimitely, positively tried to warn-a-brother

South Park also dropped several Hints at Elite Pedophilia and even Ritual Murder

Umm, did you see the fake twitter posts by Patton Oswald and other smears of his name? seems pretty related to "Happy"

Maybe, just maybe the assassins guild got tired of doing the pedophiles dirty work and started cleaning the gutter (me hopes)


Kubrick had moved his entire base of operations to England and EWS was filmed there. London stood in for Manhattan and a 19th century castle built for the Rothschilds was used for the Long Island scene where the satanic rituals took place.

Warner Brothers had greenlighted the film based on Kubrick's reputation apparently. When Kubrick submitted his final director's cut to the studio, he would be dead five days later.


She was from the nobility class. Her father was an Earl; she was known as Lady Diana Spencer. She was never a commoner. FYI.
She was also a victim of ritual sexual abuse as a child. Her siblings were as well. Their father was a monster and their mother was a fragile coward who ran away from the horror, leaving her innocent children in the care of the monster.

The Hidden Messages in "Eyes Wide Shut":


As someone that had a run in with a sex cult at one point it's too crazy to explain to people and it's all cryptic. I didn't see any pedo shit but I obviously had stumbled onto something I couldn't explain. Maybe I should go on about it but it's like you are connecting the dots, similar to the movie but you couldn't tell somebody something large and connected is happening.

saw that pic too late, that's clear child sexualization. I know there are many examples of them signaling this in the open (Desmond...). But the gunn tweets are rather distracting in nature than they are proof of anything

The film was based on Traumnovelle. Stan was too WASPy for his fellow kikes. He was killed because of how he spun his own narrative on top of the novel it was based on. The Kubrick version was meant to show how elites blackmail people. If you want fame, you must do so and so. If you want new roles, do so and so. A basic example is an actor whores himself out in orgies.

more like straight up babylonian, init? but there's also clearly a force trying to counter the pedo-cannibals, otherwise we would not be here anymore. But why do you use their blackmail material to prove your point? Did you ever ask yourself why those pictures leaked, why these people were targeted and yet the rest of the house of cards still stands? maybe because these people disobeyed their order or started working against them. Thats an important addition to the story. Not being apoligistic!

well kubrick was pretty blatant with some of it


The author of the short story was part of the same Vienna, Austria Frankist Jew cabal that spawned Sigmund Freud and a bunch of other cultural Marxists. 

The Rothschilds themselves were/are Frankists, and US Supreme Court Chief Justice Louis Brandeis was from a Frankist Jew family. Brandeis even kept a picture of Yacob Frank's daughter on his Supreme Court desk.

And Brandeis' father or grandfather came to the US with an agent of the Rothschild family.

You can actually trace the Frankist families and networks from when Yacob Frank was alive in the 18th Century.

And the New World Order today is basically just Frankist Jews.

There's an article online that claims what one part of the deleted footage was. When Cruise was wandering around the mansion, he came across a satanic-themed room with a pentagram on the floor with candles. He looked frightened, and walked away quickly. Let me try to find it.

I was partially right, link to one article online:

So that's at least a starting point.

The man who confronts him at the end of the movie.
We know it's not the costume shop owner in part because that would be stupid, and also because we see the woman in the tear mask naked and she is not a child. 
They didn't have to recognize the mask. By that point they already knew who he was.

the US version shows the same sex scenes where Dr. Hartford is walking through the party only with CGI'd nude partygoers in front of the sex acts, if it were just sex scenes they likely would have done the same to keep the story, 25 minutes is a lot to cut out of a movie without there being some serious shit that needs revision or extremely graphic disturbing content within the cut.