Communism was invented by these people

-The Jews are the leadership and vanguard of a movement of literal Baby sacrificing Moloch worshippers who want to reduce the world's population drastically and rule over an unintelligent, brown slave class.

-Communism was invented by these people for the sole purpose of instituting a worldwide police state through which they can rule, and they plan to institute it universally through the UN.

-Manmade climate change is a hoax, just like the holocaust, designed to scare and guilt people into accepting new draconian rules and losing their way of life.
-They are perfectly willing to allow Islam to fester so long as they can control its leadership to ensure that it keeps the masses terrified and under control while not harming them.
-They created and control ISIS.
-9/11 was orchestrated by the Jews and their Saudi puppets with Bush's knowledge.
-They control literally every nation on earth that has a central bank.
-They propped the United States and Russia up as superpowers in order to use them both to transform the world. They are now propping China up as they head toward the next stage of their plan.
-The migrant crisis was carefully planned and orchestrated by them in order to flood white nations with low-IQ blacks and muslims.

-They are socially engineering us to believe that whiteness is evil and that racemixing is our duty in order to wipe out whites as they see us as their biggest threat.
-They hate Spirituality above all else and are doing everything in their power to eradicate it.

-95% of American pastors for the last century have been bought by Jews and spoonfed kike propaganda to lead their congregations into worshipping the kikes as "God's chosen people" even though the Bible calls them the Synagogue of Satan and Christ-killers.

-Faggotry, trannyism, feminism, and porn are all funded and pushed by them to reduce birthrates, especially amongst whites.

-They are behind every anti-white movement as they desperately want a race war.

Specific Israelis/Sayanim involved in 9/11


Daniel Lewin (AAF11) (Sayeret Matkal captain)
Edmund Glazer (AAF11) (Lewin's seat mate)


Oded Ellner (arrested) (Urban Moving Systems)
Omer Marmari (arrested) (UMS)
Yaron Shmuel (arrested) (UMS)
Paul Kurzberg (arrested) (UMS)
Sivan Kurzberg (arrested) (UMS)
Dominik Suter (UMS boss/owner) (fled to Israel with wife, abandoning UMS offices in NJ and selling house, after one round of FBI questioning; multiple PCs seized by FBI from UMS remain classified)


Dov Zakheim (head of Pentagon, certified practicing rabbi) (formerly of SPC Systems, which specialized in advanced confidential automated/remote milcraft flight technology)
Michael Chertoff (ordered deportation of five arrested UMS Israelis and dropped FBI investigation, after pressure from Jewish state) (initiated surveillance/security state, reaping millions in profit from scanners etc, now owns Chertoff Group, which lobbies for new scanner tech to US Gov)
Larry Silverstein (his role/foreknowledge is exaggerated; he was a billionaire sayanim who looked the other way and was rewarded) (then new owner of WTC)

These names/people are the strings we yank to unravel the Israeli plot that was 9/11. While there were likely some Saudi hijackers aboard the aircraft, they were completely shadowed by Israeli operatives, as seen with the "Israeli art students" in Hollywood FL. Speculation: Some of the identified hijackers were professionally stolen identities used by Sayeret Matkal operatives who casually dressed as Muslims on 9/11.


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