Christianity was just one big organization, who united other, smaller religious cults

There was no historical "Jesus". Christianity was just one big organization, who united other, smaller religious cults, who worshiped the same "god", planet Jupiter. Jesus was just one name of many and a personification of planet Jupiter. Jesus is Zeus is Jupiter is Perun etc. - it was all different names in different cultures for the same celestial object. Planets had different orbits and specific planet "ruled" the heaven at specific time, sometimes "fighting" between each other. Ever wondered why in the past people believed in planets being "gods" and why all cultures were worshiping at the specific time the same specific planet as "god"? Whenever there are changes of planetary orbits, which happens relatively often, what follows is earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions and other civilization-threatening disasters. Another example is planet Saturn / Cronus etc., that in the past was Earth's "sun" (Earth was tidally locked with Saturn's north pole, that to this day has a cymatic-driven hexagon-shaped storm, similarly today Earth's Moon is tidally locked to Earth) and ruled the "heavens" and as a result many human-sacrificing cults were created such as Baal, Moloch, El etc. - it was all about planet Saturn. Head-dresses / crowns / helmets etc. were also influenced by what could be seen while looking in the sky, or "heavens".

At this time, when planet Jupiter "ruled" the sky, all European cultures (and others) worshiped the same "god" just in different, local cults and it was just easier and better for everyone to unite under the same organization and that's why Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire - for easier control of the population. Roman Empire led by Jewish intellectual elite united European religious cults under one Catholic Church, otherwise European tribes would probably fight to this day between each other in cultist wars, while worshiping the same natural forces (planet Jupiter) as "god". Then Catholic Church was hijacked for political purposes.

Jesus just like "Christmas" (Saturnalia) and many others are just allegories containing important information about history (especially cosmological), hidden in simple stories, holidays, prayers etc. for simple people in order to ensure, that this information will survive. Here is something for You about what today people call "Christmas":

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There are many, many more, all You have to do is just put it all together and the big-picture of the reality is rather accurate. I assume, that people who really care about reality, truth and facts will not take anything they read/hear/see or in any other way sense, as a fact, but rather they will search for the truth themselves and if what I posted sparks the flame of their curiosity, then they will dig for more themselves in order to try and create the most accurate (based on available at the specific time information) big-picture of the reality. Also, please acquaintance Yourself with all world's mythology and then Electric Universe theory.