Anons what are we doing?!

After the 2016 election and the lebuuf wars it has become abundantly clear we have the power to influence the real world through our collective will, and a strong will we have. The west is descending into a liberal shit hole day by day and we sit by behind our keyboards complaining about it online, while foreigners outbreed us in our own lands. WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING??

4chan is a great place to share, create and disperse information, however, our knowledge is useless unless we act on it. 

Individually we are weak, but together we are strong. Why are corporations and governments the most powerful entities in the world? because they are groups of people that all work twords a common goal. 

We need to start organizing ourselves in a manner that's going to bring real tangible change to the world. 4chan isn't a good place to organize as we are too chaotic and there is not enough of a central goal/planning. 4chan is the definition of chaos, and you can't fight a chaotic world with chaos. 

I see two obstacles for us to begin turning our will into tangible political action:
1) we will not be united enough to come together and work as a unit
2) our beliefs will be too extreme for the mainstream public to digest and we will be relegated to the fringes of the political discussion like ANTIFA is. (and we already are to some extent)

So here is what I propose: The first step to organize ourselves is to discuss the various issues that we see as the most problematic. To list a few- 

immigration/demographic shifts, the economic imbalance between the top 1% and everyone else, the culture war at large (LGBT rights, trans kids etc) as well as issues that are on the horizon (Rise of Ai and automation, the internet of things, 5g, etc)

The two issues i mentioned before that stand in the way are tied together- We must decide first on the issues we are going to tackle, and those issues must be digestible to the public (meaning that railing against the merchant/ over the top rhetoric is off the table for this discussion) To succeed we must be as moderate as possible to change the hearts and minds of the most people we can. 

However, being moderate does not mean taking moderate stances on things, it means being reasonable and calm when discussing ideas, not claiming to be apart of the left or right, and most importantly show respect to the people we interact with so we get the best results. 4chan is infamous for the over the top jew rhetoric and nationalism, and that is a bad look we've gotta set aside if we're gonna convert people on the key issues that really matter at this moment in time. 

We obviously cant organize ourselves in a very meaningful way on 4chan, so if this idea were to get off the group creating a website where forms/ discussions can be posted/cataloged in an organized fashion so the information can be more easily accessible and digestible would be the next step. this isnt to say we should leave 4chan for another website, quite the opposite actually. I believe 4chan is the most woke place on the internet, we are just far too abrasive to get people to wake the fuck up. that is our problem. We need a more moderate face that along with spreading information can serve as a platform to organize and plan events, demonstrations, protests, etc. 

I have given this a great deal of thought and i cannot think of another way we as a collective can really begin to throw our weight around. 

Please leave your comments on what you think of this idea, what are your critizisms and thoughts, please share them below. 

Also if your just gonna post something negative like "hur dur OP is stupid this is never going to work" or shit like that then you can just die.

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Some things to consider at this point:
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Learn from the Talmud: if the advice makes people win then it will grow and spread even without talking about it openly.

The Redpill comes across as an imposition:
> Give up being able to sleep at night.
> Get a hopeless war lost 100 years ago.

To spread, it's gotta help normies:
> Give a few minutes a day of study.
> Get the feeling of success that comes from self-assurance and having many successful children.

Focus on a "call to action middle ground" that gets people to save themselves without what the Cabal would consider aggression.

Or, I don't know, if you really think you can make the beta uprising happen then good luck.

Is it not enough to poke fun at each other as the white genocide goes on around the world without actually doing anything to help your own kind?

They have overturned our democratic vote and the so called Monarchy has signed everything to the EU because she's a senile old cunt.

My government are literally communists that have conspired against the people.
The police and the military can't do anything because they have been overtaken by commies too.

We are ripe for the picking, I ask that you make us a colony of the USA rather than allow the EUSSR to swallow us into their ownership which 17.4 million votes was supposed to prevent.

Any help for us or just fuck it, its just the bongs who gives a fuck right?!

You asked us not to be cucks and fight the enemy, this was our attempt, and the entire concept of democracy was destroyed in one stamp.

For you to spread this influence is to make a social network of media that is red pilling or black pilling.
Find and look for people who have moderate belief in the vision of collaborations.
Then to make this net work noticeable to many is hacking servers and highjack radio stations.
Then see the people and hear the people talking about this new social network of media.
You might get dirty but it's a start.
My other way is too damning for many to follow.

This way could work the social network of media.

the left in the Trans Rights movement. 

We should do this for multiple reasons. 

1. it divides the LGB community and the femminist community 

2. Normies do not know the extent of the degeneracy

3. It harms kids in the most horrific way possible

4. If normies were woke to how barbaric the procedures are they would turn against it in a second

its the lefts weakest flank we hit them there. Once the femminists and LGBT groups are weakened then we can go after demographic shift/immigration reform

Im not trying to get 4chan itself active, im trying to reach out to others who think this may be a good idea, That's why I've said from the beginning if this is to go somewhere it has to be taken offsite because it would have no future here.

Also, if we are to degrade into infighting between our fellow right-wingers, we are no better than the lefties who cannibalize other letters for not being 'PC enough"