Why is this happening to American men

> no idea

> just dont look at what we put in your water

> or vaccines

> or spray on your crops

> everything the FDA (((approves))) is safe

1. Hormones in the water and food

2. Obesity

3. Increased median age

4. Psychological emasculation

To be healthy today means to eat organic and have the best water filters installed in your home, plus eating supplements of various kinds because even organic food isn't at all as healthy as the agricultural products that humans used to eat. It is expensive and sucks, but that is the reality. They want white people dead.

1. Chlorinated water supply (even inhaled during hot shower

2.lack of sunlight. Vitamin d family helps make test.


4. Shit diet&lack of exercise

5.porn and habitual masturbation

>mother smoking, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and eating garbage while pregnant


>not breastfeeding



>school life is mostly sitting at a desk

>work life is mostly sitting at a desk



Man there are just way too many factors. We are basically living in a society that is designed to kill men slowly and glorify women.

american television infographics are always completely useless

i guess it's an improvement that this time they mentioned 40 year old men at all

It's still sugar.

Nobody goes outside anymore. People look at me like I’m from Mars when I go out for walks. Like I must be up to something. Sometimes people stop and ask if I need a ride. I tell them thanks I’m just out for a walk and get weird looks. It’s the twilight zone in America right now.

I'd imagine the general decline in exercise & playing sports has had a lot to do with the test decline overall.

I used to have high test back when I worked a physically laborious job; it was basically a 10hr workout 5 days per week.

A few years after getting a degree and a "real" job, I started having issues with dick-functionality. Got tested and found out my T was low. My doc put me on injectable testosterone and it cleared right up.

Sunlight is without a doubt linked to testosterone. Do your research.

it's literally death from a zillion small/large cuts.

dysgenics from high test people dying in wars and not reproducing.

sedentary lifestyle.

terrible cardiovascular/aerobic fitness

probably environmental chemicals to some degree

poor posture, i suspect

stress, loss of control


90% of things 90% of guys do contributes to this issue, no silver bullet famalamadingdong


>Long-term exposure to low frequency EMF significantly decreased the diameter of the seminiferous tubules and increased number of seminiferous tubules per unit area of testes. In addition, low frequency EMF significantly reduced sperm motility and testosterone levels. However, it had no effect on the weight and size of testes, sperm concentration, and viability.

porn, early exposure to porn, early exposure to hardcore porn
masculinity being actively SHUT DOWN, boys can't just be boys

Anyone else think this is an emasculation psyop? there has been huge migration, particularly of men, in the last 40 years so these stats include those people? The same trend is not seen in other parts of the world, the parts of the world where the migrants come from.

It might be partly a psyop, but there's no mistaking those fruity kazoo voices and the soi-based self-abasement you see with a lot of young guys nowadays. (((Ehrlich))) was talking about putting sterilizing agents in the water supply as far back as 1967 (but remember, Jews poisoning wells is a medieval slander...)


edentary lifestyle, decline of labor jobs, labor jobs becoming "jobs no one (women, anyway) wants to do" and replaced by immigrants, estrogen in the water supply, stupidity when it comes to calories and diet, terrible exercise regimens and meme gyms where they serve you pizza, politicians giving subsidies for MUH ETHANOL AND CORN SYRUP to keep Big Agriculture happy- all of this contributes together to create the current shitstorm.

Estrogen Mimickers


Crap food with no nutritional value

It makes men into soys and turns woman either into beached whales or super sluts.

There's research to backup every statement I said but the problem is nobody bothers to look it up and the gmo shills call everyone like me a conspiracy tard.

Yeah most men in 1950 totally looks like soys.

Some ideas to counter this:

1) Consume a iodine supplement (check about your thyroid and shit i don't wanna be responsible for your ass).

Also you can create your own water purification system, a combination of iodine, other minerals and a base of clay (you are supposed to let the clay stay at the bottom of the thank and take water from the top. don't be a retard) should be able to give you and almoust clean and nutrient rich source of water.

2) Go to the sun nigga. Also dermic D3 supplements. And also Frank Tuffano says that applying d3 lotion to your balls help with absorption (probably a meme but who knows, probably d3 absortion, namely sun light directly to the balls, helps test production).

3) Throw all your plastic bottles, tupper wares, cups and plates to the garbace. Use only clay pots, stainless steel, glass and ceramic.

4) Eat cholesterol and animal fat rich foods, go keto/carnivore. Grains and veggies are for slaves.

5) Drop porn and masturbation ASAP, cold turkey. Find a nice girl and go full sexual beast.

Also try experimenting with trantric sex / semen retention / multi orgasmic man methods. Basically avoiding to have a "vanilla orgasm" and have all the sex you want with multiple orgasm and no semen waste.

Make your girl beg for your seed and make her drink it like if she were drinking from the holy grail.
why testie levels are down and estrogen levels are up in modern men.

Diet and drinking water out of bottle are what we need to target

They literally do it because keeping fats fat keeps their business going. Much like most doctors are out to get you addicted to pain pills so you keep spending money, gyms aren't trying to help you lose weight so you keep spending money there.

Everything in America is a fucking scam. I went to the mechanic today to get a fucked bumper replaced and the guy danced around my car marking every ding and scratch so he could see if he could charge extra. This country isn't about "le small town service with humble folks"

Of course, constant wireless, chemicals in supermarket food, no fresh air, unfit people, shampoos and toothpaste..etc.

It's not one thing that will lower sperm count or cause any disease, it's multiple of many things.

The low sperm count isn't the only thing caused by what i described.

Also this:

>More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year.

>Percentage of adults who have allergies in the U.S.: 30%

>Percentage of children who have allergies in the U.S.: 40%.

Of course it's rare you will die these days because of good medicine advancements and of course they need to keep you alive to keep having worker ants.

Orally taken hormones are basically useless, your body has natural protection from them when ingested, that is why you have to inject them or they have to be methylated to get through 1st pass in the liver. Learn basic biology. It is fucking obesity and lack of exercise, both of which cause issues with lower test, higher blood pressure and other health problems, which all cause issues with reproductive health,

what's that work out supposed to do other than waste your time? Plan a 2 mile route, set a time thats realistic but challenging to your fitness level and try to beat it by 5 minutes. Everytime you can consistently do that drop it another 5 minutes. Keep doing that until you are doing those 2 miles in like 15-16 mins every time you run, then maintain that. You are in decent shape cardio wise and probably would have thinned out a bit by then. Push ups aren't bad honestly, I still do push ups fairly often. I do them like this though. 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4, 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 1...I count like that but I go up to 15, each number you do that many then you work your way down again from your number. My example of 4 being the number would in reality be 20 push ups, if you do 10 as your number it'd be a little over 100 total if I guess. That's a lot of effort though, better off spending like $120 to get a flat bench and adjustable dumb bells. With those two tools you can train your whole body up for strength. Instead of sit ups just buy one of those ab wheels like martial artists use, they are like $8 and work well.

women used to actually care about health and family. The ones who drank and smoked ended up giving the defective kids to asylums and killing themselves. Women today are also subject to all the extra shit in food air and water so... fucked from the get-go.

GMO isnt the worst part its the literal death cocktail they spray on all the crops. and the chemicals/hormones injected into livestock.

you know what your great grandparents called "organic food" it was just food. the shit we feed people today isnt even suitable for dogs.

1. Lift Weights- Free weights with heavy compound lifts

2. Cardio- go for a run but keep it under 2 miles. HIIT is good too.

3. Eat more protein as you work out. Cut out sweets and sodas completely.

4. Healthy fats and cholesterols are precursors to test. Eggs, nuts and animal fats are good. Anti cholesterol was meme science to lower test.

5. Eat broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. They remove excess estrogen.

6. Don't use platic tupperware. Switch to glass/pyrex storage. Never drink out of plastic water bottles. Don't eat shit you have to microwave in plastic.

7. Supplement vitamin D if you don't get enough sun. Take zinc/magnesium as increases testosterone.

Do all that stuff and you'll start turning into a swole bro in no time. My boners are diamonds and there is no respite for my wife as I cum in her several times per day. Your mind and resolve will be iron. You'll feel the ancient and powerful masculine force that encourages you to subjugate your environment to suit your will. You will stand out amognst a sea of betas, soiboys, cucks, and leftists.

The hormones they inject are GH, which can barely survive room temperature and has to be stored in the fridge once reconstituted. It is completely destroyed in your stomach and liver. Equally so with your standard estrogen/testosterone, which animals produce naturally anyway, you don't get them from eating, your body has protections from that, otherwise every meat eating animal would intake tons of hormones, which is not the case. You have a liver, that is what it is there for and why you have to inject or methylate hormones to bypass the liver.

From everything I've read, there should only be tiny trace amounts at most of birth control estradiol derivatives in drinking water, because it's specifically targeted for breakdown by waste water processing plants. Rivers do routinely end up full of endocrine disruptor chemicals, but it's almost all from agricultural runoff, which is probably more of a problem in the US that Europe due to laxer regulations, e.g. atrazine of "turn the freaking frogs gay" fame.

5. BPA and its "safe" alternative BPS were invented as estrogen mimicking synthetic hormones. They impart xenoestrogens into your body every time you use anything plastic.

6. Pesticides and herbicides made by Monsanto, arguably the most evil corporation on the face of the planet. They made agent orange, they made that shit Brazil used to kill mosquito larvae before the Olympics and gave all the newborns shrunken goblin heads and then blamed some made up virus and the news spread the lie for them until it conveniently went away forever. They make Roundup which contains glyphosate a known carcinogen that has also wiped out like 50% of the insects on the planet including most of our pollinators.

If our next president doesn't address these things we are fucked. We have to put political barriers aside and go after every cunt that is poisoning us and put them in chains.

8. Parabens, perfumes and other chemicals in soaps/shampoo's have endorcine disruptors that mimic estrogen. My wife makes all of our soap but alternatively you can buy natural shit that doesn't have the extra chemicals. Make sure you learn what they are because some 'natural' brands still have them.

9. I don't use deoderant period. Do you know why nicotine patches work when placed on your skin? All the chemicals and scents in deoderant get absorbed into your blood stream. There are natural varieties if you want to be a pussy and hide your scent like the more submissive animals.

10. Filter your water. Reverse osmosis is best and they have ones you can install into the piping at your house. Short of that, pitcher filters can be okay. They are BPA free (which still doesn't make it completely okay as a plastic) but do make sure that it filters out fluoride. Britta filters are kikes that specifically do NOT filter fluoride. Also change the filter regularly.

Use natural toothpaste, use salt crystal deodorant, use natural shampoo and conditioner.
It's been difficult anons and I'm still struggling to get all of the pollutants out of my household but there are alternatives you just have to look for them and sometimes pay a bit more. It doesn't make you a hippy to preserve your hormones and spermcount. Soap is the hardest one because most alternatives contain onions. I use Dr. Squatch orange IPA body soap which lists no onions in the ingredients but it's like $7 a bar and only lasts a couple weeks. Their shampoo and conditioner are also good from what I can tell but really expensive. A small price to pay to preserve my manhood.

latest obsession is a bit more obscure than the usual vitriolic hatred found gracing its forums. In fact, it’s downright baffling: For some reason, the denizens of /pol/ are all eating onions, en masse, in an attempt to up their testosterone.

LONG term workouts actually reduce your testosterone. Long cardio sessions, marathons, long cycling. Ideally, you should work out like a man, use weights ffs,

Stop being obssesed with how "perfect" your body has to be or about your body fat. That is literally what women used to obsess about. Thinking about being perfect actually lowers your testosterone, since you can never be perfect (that's how women think). It's a nocebo and it works against you. That's why there are so many confused gays that on the first look look shredded.
Stick to HIIT and weight lifting. Compare the body of sprinters and marathon runners, and you'll understand.

phyto and xenoestrogens combined with hormones in the tap water. I think sedentary lifestyles have increased a lot since the 1970s and quality of sleep has declined significantly with the screens keeping us awake way past a reasonable bed time.

There are a bunch of chemicals that decrease sperm production and that decrease hormone uptake in utero (both testosterone and estrogen). This has likely been going on since the industrial revolution, but they only started collecting data in the 70s.

1. Porn/fapping

2. Sedentary Lifestyles

3. Emasculizing psychology of malees/ propaganda

4. External hormones

5. Less sun

6. Less :manly" things: hunting, fishing, fighting, independence

7. Poor diet
As much as I believe there's a cocktail of bad shit being put into the water of western nations due to a varied range of reasons, I think one of the overlooked factors is internet porn. I'm sure if you overlay the numbers where the Internet became mainstream you'll see the downward trend of testosterone either beginning or amping up the decline.

High frequency, specifically 2.45 GHz Wi-Fi radiation, induces a decrease in sperm parameters along with an increase in apoptosis-positive cells and caspase-3 activity in the seminiferous tubules of Wistar rats, specially in 7-hour group. It reduced seminal vesicle weight following 2.45 GHz exposure. Considering the progressive privilege of 2.45 GHz wireless networks in our environment, we concluded that there should be a major concern about the time-dependent exposure of our body to the higher frequencies of Wi-Fi antenna.


Probably the most complete analysis was reported last in Journal of American Chemical Society in February 2011. research cited in the report suggests that animal manure accounts for 90 percent of estrogens in the environment. Oral birth control pills from women accounted for about 1% of it. Know that Big Farming uses estrogens to create more docile animals - irresponsible farming is the primary culprit. Big Pharma and the insatiable pill popping of irresponsible people is the secondary culprit.

Quick read:

There are many causes, from BPA, PCB 153, phthalates, parabens, birth control pill pissed into the water, agricultural pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals, obesity, social pressures, on and on and on.

This is not accidental, and one of the primary evidences is that so many different ways are being used to utterly feminize men in the West.

There are decisive studies. Back in the 1980s Lake Apopka alligators were revealed to have penises half the length of norma alligators, and much other information was revealed.

The interesting thing abou the study was what was done about the problem: it was made worse, and in all the ways I mention above.

Indeed, the various causes of the destruction of men are being applied to the West, while men whose masculinity hasn't been attacked since birth are being imported in hordes.

Not just a psyop. Genocide.