There's a lot to the story of Michael Jackson and I rarely ever see

We can start with the fact Michael Jackson was one of the first notable figures to call the media out for what it was. Sure, others may have said "The media lies" but few with such influence said it so vehemently. Just look at the lyrics on Tabloid Junkie:
He literally calls the media writers "parasites."

The above song came out after Michael Jackson left Sony and started MJJ Productions (his own independent label). His break with Sony was not just over creative disagreements:
I recommend you watch the whole thing but if you start at 6:15 and watch to the end you'll see him expose Tommy Mottola (former CEO of Sony) as an awful man who abused Mariah Carey. He was bringing out the dirt of the music industry execs.

Not only was Michael going independent, but he was also saying lots of things he wasn't supposed to. You can see La Toya Jackson talking about how "They" murdered Michael Jackson and how Jackson knew his life would soon be over:

So, Michael was free from Sony so what was he writing about? Besides all the anti-media songs he came out with They Don't Really Care About us. What was one of these lyrics:
"Jew me, sue me
Everybody do me
Kick me, kike me
Don't you black or white me"

The song was about Michael being abused by the media and music industry AND about how humanity as a whole is owned by people who don't care about us. So why would Michael mention Jews? Perhaps this video will shed some light:
And Bobby Fisher (one of the smartest men to ever live) on Michael's death: