redpill me on the subject of “Blood Libel”/“Jewish Ritual Murder.” Was there any truth to it, or was it all just anti-Semitic propaganda?

Many Israelite descendants exist to this day. And they are not evil or opposed to Christianity (which I practice). The Khazarians were forced to choose an Abrahamic religion around 800AD. They chose Judaism, but continued to practice Satanism. Later, they blended these teachings into a hybrid and wrote the Babylonian Talmud (very evil book). They are imposters and masters of disguise. And they stole Palestinian lands from the real Hebrews. They are the shit-stirrers of the world. Always attempting to get Jew to fight Christian, Christian to fight Muslim, and vice versa.

>If the skin is affected, blisters or itching may occur with sunlight exposure.

These blisters look like pic related (there are worse pictures, but i cant tell if they are really from Porphyria or not, so I keep it real). Now how is it treated? Among other stuff
>blood transfusions 

Remember those bloodlible accusations against jews all the time where they supposedly snatched children to drink their blood? The vampire stories about people drinking blood and not being able to step into the sun? But there is more:

This chick apparently tortured some virgin and when the blood of one reached her skin by accident she realized that it appeared to be rejuvenating so the only logical step was to kill even more virgins to bath in their blood to stay young. This too isnt too farfetched
or this here, episode 33 of the series, 33, the masons favorite number
injecting instead of drinking or bathing in it, but still the same theme.

So through that bloodlible back then, and probably even today, they tried to negate the genetic errors they received through the bloodline of the serpent even though through all that mixing they are not as likely as they were back then among (((them))).

Also fearing the cross (Christianity) and archenemy is the man-dog combination (werewolf) that were used to hunt down the childsnatcher vampires

now really good night though

basically their genes are so shit they need young blood to stay alive, and this is also where the vampire myths come from:

>fears the cross (christianity)
>drinks blood, favourably of young people
>no mirrage in a mirror (unable to selfreflect)
>nemesis is the werewolf, the aryan man-dog combination used to hunt the kidnappers down

if we want to go a step deeper into tinfoild territorial:

What i believe why mainly children are used in the ritual abuse and sacrifices:
Children have a stronger connection to the other world. think of the monster under the bed, imaginary friends
Now what additionally increases this is stuff like near death experience giving with many people reporting the very same things, usually meeting deceased ones or God which they instantly recognized. Also strong torture leading to dissociation (Out of body experiences for example like pic related depicts, painted by kim noble who was heavily abused as a child that she depicts here and developed MANY different personalities. [note the handkerchief/pizza related map] This principle was also used in MKUltra which is just the ageold satanic ritual abuse refined with modern chemistry and psychology to subdue others). You lose connection to this world and thus increase to the other world.

Now you probably heard of "you are what you eat". Similarly they try to then gain the vision the child has by ingesting its pineal gland (thought to be your 3rd eye and seat of the soul) or drinking the blood, like the believe that you gain potency when eating the balls of a lion or something)

this is but one aspect of course. there is the symbolical meaning behind the sacrifices, blackmail purposes, and the fact the elites just likes to fu3k little children.

Below is a listing of the slave ships and the names of the Jewish owners of those ships.

Name of Ship---Jewish Owners

Abigail------------Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks
Crown-------------Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson
Nassau-------------Moses Levy
Four Sisters--------Moses Levy
Anne & Eliza------Justus Bosch and John Abrams
Prudent Betty------Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix
Hester----------------Mordecai and David Gomez
Elizabeth ------------Mordecai and David Gomez
Antigua--------------Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell
Betsy -----------------Wm. De Woolf
Polly-------------------James De Woolf
White Horse----------Jan de Sweevts
Expedition-----------John and Jacob Roosevelt
Charlotte-------------Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks
Caracoa---------------Moses and Sam Levy
Source: Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Volumes, 'Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America' Washington, D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Here you go anon. This documentary lays it all out, complete with numerous well documented cases from the middle ages to present. If anything the pure evil of the kike has been consistently under reported.

Jewish Ritual, Understanding Blood Libel:

At the height of bluepilldom I took a Jewish history class and learned about blood libel, and even then I asked the professor (visiting from a Jewish college) how the story could have become so widespread out of nowhere. At the height of bluepilldom and learning from a Jewish college professor, I still found it suspicious. He wasn't able to answer of course. Now I realize what a creepy occult symbol the six-pointed star is without any connection to the Bible, and that most "Jews" have nothing to do with the Jews of the Bible either.

There are jews that are pro-refugee as they themselves know what it's like to be refugees and feel it would be hypocritical to turn them away

Then if so how come Europe and USA Have to accept all migrants but Israel dont??

If they are so "Pro-Refugee" How come they dont accept them in their own homeland but they do in countries they live??? isnt that a little un-fair?

Judaism is a sacrifice-cult. Their god knows the victim is a good one the more pain it shows, as it is “putting up a fight” to live and doesn’t want to die. If it’s over too quickly, it’s a bad one that didn’t fight or didn’t display how much it wanted t live. Disgusting, but that is their logic.

Bottom line, is Judaism is a sacrifice cult and torture is often a byproduct.

Another example: ruining their host country slowly instead of quickly. Slowness is more torturous and painful.

Or in Michael Jackson’s case, ruin his legacy AFTER he’s dead when he can do nothing about it. Also, kill him off early when you can make no more money off of him. They did the same to Prince. He was “done” with his career, so, time to go.

It has to be slow 

It has to be painful.

And they can still control the victim posthumously.