Giant Tarantua Discovered Preying on Opposum

>A tarantula the size of a dinner plate attacked and killed an opossum in a video captured by researchers that looks like a scene from a horror movie. Researchers from the University of Michigan shared the video on Thursday along with a paper in "Amphibian & Reptile Conservation" describing the bizarre encounter.

>In November of 2016, the team “heard some scrabbling in the leaf litter" during a night survey in the Amazon rainforest, Michael Grundler at University of Michigan said. He and his colleagues then watched a tarantula attack a mouse opossum, striking it in its neck, according to the report. A five-minute struggle ensued, where the opossum, roughly the size of a softball, tried to kick away from the eight-legged insect. The spider ultimately won. Video shows the spider then dragging the opossum away. 

>The American Museum of Natural History told University of Michigan researchers this is likely the first time a large spider of this kind was ever recorded preying on an opossum.

>The paper, which includes observations from 2008 to 2017, also reports large spiders attacking frogs and a lizard. Another frightening sight: A team watched a large centipede eat a live snake, and another centipede eating a dead coral snake it decapitated. “Coral snakes are very dangerous and can kill humans,” study co-author Joanna Larson, a University of Michigan doctoral candidate, said in a statement. “To see one taken down by an arthropod was very surprising. Those centipedes are terrifying animals, actually.”

Maybe Bolsanaro has the right idea cutting down the Amazon rainforest.