this is just a from a quick google search I hope it's helpful. I would recommend reading the articles to make sure they meet your standard of bias, however.

Maybe for whites. Overall zoomers are more liberal than millennials.

it depends on if hes using the post-modern intersectional definition or the liberal definition.
In america (the liberal definition), we decided that "separate but equal" is not possible. 
You can define any "separation" of the races as racial bias for all sides. 
example affirmative action in school admissions
anti-black bias - presumption that black people are unable to compete on metrics other than their skin
pro-black bias - ability to qualify for higher education regardless of biased traditional metrics that would otherwise disqualify them.

the pro-white, anti-white biases are basically the same things inverted.

Im assuming your professor isnt the liberal "seperate is not equal" type. and hes an intersectional neo-marxist that hates america hates american values. And using intersectionalism will be able to prove / disprove literally anything with nonsense newspeak that doesnt mean a goddamn thing. 
If this is the case, start reading crenshaw's "critical race theory" and be prepared to get really fucking depressed. It uses liberal principals to build up an argument and then the argument to disprove the principals its founded on.... and if this doesnt make sense. Well you literally cant understand, because youre white. If you want to talk about it, you cant because discussion is the tool of colonizers to maintain their power. Its an endless well of nhilism and bitter hatred unbounded by an moral constraint or rationality.
Its depressing, its gone way too far, and youre in for a fucking gut wrenching couple weeks of reading and dissecting even if you understand classical liberal moral philosophy. Thats just to get your toe in the water.
If there is a civil war, this will be the reason, and i believe that to my core.

yeah jewtube gave me two strikes already and put two of my videos in limited state.
all my stuff is on bitchute
i hope one day jewtube burns to the ground

That AT&T ad series that goes “just okay is not okay” always features a white man wronging a minority. 

White doctor about to operate on a ambiguously brown patient.

White mechanics fixing the brakes for a black guy. 

Table of minorities about to be served by a white dude making sushi. 

Asian guy about to get a tattoo from a white guy. 

In all cases the white person is the insufficiently competent person about to badly serve the non-white customer. 

Just watch ads and keep track of the races and you’ll see this pattern, often but not always.

 i thought people goto jail for this type of talk???

wake up ... they want us dead.... speak out... speak up.. before its tooo late