Alex Jones deposition

Man that attorney was really trying hard to get Alex to "admit" he was basically lying on purpose. Props to Jones for not giving in and every single time replying with something along the lines of "I was telling what I believed to be true according to the information I had". Basically the entire thing is just this one cuck playing clips of Alex saying stuff that turned out to be false, then the cuck trying to get Alex to admit he was purposefully lying.

Look at the mainstream media articles about this, going on HARD about how apparently Alex is getting btfo by the attorney. Some of them are saying he's "backflipping" on his own stance, even though Alex himself said time and time again that his opinion just changed based on the information he had at the time. This case was never about giving the oh so poor parents of those kids reparations for the non existent hate they received from alex jones himself. This was always, 100%, about the naming and shaming of "conspiracy theorists". 

After this case, people will be scared to talk about conspiracies regarding tragedies. The attorney, in the second part of the deposition, quite literally tries to play on Jones' feelings by saying "What if you were a parent and someone told you that your kid died because police were told to stand down, wouldn't that upset you?" and it backfired because Alex simply pulled out the fact that we are allowed to talk about and discuss conspiracies regarding tragedies. The cuck then reiterates, replacing the "kids died because police were told to stand down" with "kids didn't died they were abducted by aliens" in a pathetic attempt to make it look like the theories Jones talked about were literally akin to alien abduction stories.

tl;dr the attorney failed to get Alex to admit to any wrongdoing. Mainstream media is slamming this as a loss for Alex. This public execution of a lawsuit ( just look at their fucking website ) is running out of gas quick.