The most depressing part of mass-immigration to the US... FEELING the low-IQ nature of the newcomers surrounding you. It's inscribed into their physiognomies. You can actually SEE it. You can sense the lack of an intelligent "spark." You can detect the fundamental deadness inside of their automaton brains. These people will never advance mankind a single inch toward the stars. Instead, they will burden us like stuck anchors, catching against the harbor-bottom mud as our ship's engines sputter and fail.

THIS is my case against third-world immigration. I'm honestly curious how leftypol responds to this. Crime, drugs, etc. - these are fundamentally ancillary matters. I don't want these people in my country even if they magically STOPPED committing crime, because they simply do not add to the stock of human progress in any appreciable manner. They already have their own countries. May they return.

There is truth in this.

I got a little over a year left on my teaching credential program here in LA. You can see that the large influx of people from all over the world, who dont speak the same language, who barly speak english and have lower IQs leading to a reduction in the quality of the educaiton we can provide. Not to mention they really are bad at writing in English. 

I really look forward to leaving this place...I look to teach in either Idaho, Washington, Arizona or Colorado.

You need to explain how open borders will result in the "spread of wealth" and how that will decrease climate change. The reality is open borders would result in the replacement of the high iq, high trust, hard working white majority with a diverse polity mostly consisting of low iq, lazy, criminal, brown underclass. Realistically this is politically untenable for a democratic society. You would either see a collapse or the replacement of the government with something more authoritarian. Meanwhile the third world which produces 90 percent of the world pollution would be unaffected aside from acquiring more living space in former European territory because of the open border policies.