Belgiums 2nd largest city is now more than 50% non-native. 74% of the kids aged below 10 are non-Belgian.

Yeah that won't happen. Jews have been using Muslims to invade white countries since the late 600s. The Arab invasion of Byzantine Levant was invited by Jews. The Moorish invasion of Spain was invited and abetted by Jews (hence the expulsions and Inquisition). The Ottoman Empire had many court Jews and Jews loved selling captured white children into sex slavery for foreign Turks to rape for life. This mass-invasion of Europe is nothing new, it's the same old trick. The only difference is they run every government and Cuckstianity is incapable of standing up to them or offering any argument against ethnic immolation. America and Europe are undergoing a forced ethnocide, the worst the world has ever seen in the planet's ENTIRE history, and the only thing Cuckstians can do is shriek "Th-they might be brown, but we're all one in Christ!" Rather than doing what they actually should be doing: Burying in axe in the faces of traitors and fifth columnists, and burning their places of worship to the ground.