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>” There were numerous comments posted. One comment
was posted by “Charlie Landeros” and read, “Time to start killing pigs.” The manager of SPD’s Facebook
page thanked the person for making them aware of the post. The person replied indicating the
Facebook profile identified as “Charlie Landeros” regularly makes statements about “killing cops.”
On January 11, 2019, about an hour before the incident at Cascade Middle School, SPD received another
message from a different person that “Charlie Landeros” had posted something on the Springfield
Facebook page. The morning of January 11th, SPD’s manager of their Facebook page had posted a story
about a Davis, California Police Department Officer who was shot and killed while investigating a traffic
crash. The person stated that “Charlie Landeros” commented “Death to all pigs” in a comment to that
Facebook posting. When the Facebook manager attempted to locate the comment, it had been
removed. The SPD employee found an account for a “Charlie Landeros”, but it was private. Later that
day, the Facebook account of “Charlie Landeros” had been deactivated or deleted.