studying different cultures and travel got culturally enriched by the religion of peace

I think they were naive, the area they were trekking was a very popular trekking location, near the highest point in north africa. They thought they could camp and then next day go to the summit. Didn't turn out so well. The guide did warn them that this could be dangerous. But they probably thought the guide was exaggerating. This is also going to be not very good for moroccos tourism industry. Which i hear is pretty shit to begin with, with the locals trying to scam you and rob you if you aren't careful, and need to walk as a group in a lot of areas to be safe.

They were raped to oblivion at knifepoint.
Resigned themselves to their fate.
Face down in tent, bloodied arsehole due to rape or maybe knife up the arse who knows I dont want to think about it.
Rapists decide to chip their heads off while still alive.
Much gurgling and "oww oww oww".
Head more or less comes off.
I switched off at that point and internally raged about liquidating a few hundred million of the enemy in some kind of war or the worlds human liquidation machine which spread their pureed remains on the earth. 
In that place fields of flowers grew.
The end.

here is my description of the video, translate it or whatever and share it on normie social media

>outside, nighttime, phone/flashlight is on, rocky area 
>she is laying down on her stomach, pants pulled down
>two men standing over her speaking arabic
>one begins sawing the back of her neck with a long knife
>she exclaims “ow! ow!” before yelling “MOOOOR!” (Danish for “mother”, she is calling for her mom)
>she tried to roll over which only results in the guy sawing the front of her throat 
>blood everywhere now
>the guy filming puts his foot on her face to hold her there
>she meekly reaches up to try and repel the knife wielder sawing through her throat
>moments later her arms go limp as she loses consciousness 
>guy continues cutting until her head is off
>carries it over to the tent and throws it on the ground
>one of them spits on the decapitated head

Media spreads the narrative it's an isolated case. This event and rapes in Oulu are a great asset for redpilling people and the more people put them to use the less times all this shit has to happen before people are not afraid to point out the source of the problem. Which is not white males like your (((fellow countryman))) tried to point out 
If you don't watch the video, you may misrepresent the contents just like the retards here on /pol/ that didn't read migration pact and parroted that it's about sending people back and dealing with problems in source country which is just ridiculous to anyone who has read it.

>What these girls were thinking is beyond me
My man, when was the last time you got this much attention on one of your social media posts?

Twitter deleted the video that showed the killers pledging allegiance to ISIS.

studying different cultures and travel got culturally enriched by the religion of peace

here are some of her videos:
her last video before her mind took off:
shit she liked and shared on normalberg:

 and the only thing they are useful now is for spreading a message of awareness. May other girls wake up and realize that the world they are living in will soon be gone if they don't stand up

It’s time for white people to show the savages what we can do after they did to our women for years. I’m fucking angry. It’s our fault for being cucks to let unawares women wondering around freely.

 invade our countries and live on welfare! Who do they think that they are!

Like, who do these fucking muslims think that they are! They fucking invade our countries with tanks, armored personnel vehicles, gunships, jet fighters and bombers. While they take generous welfare handouts at the same time!

At the core, Western Civilization is about equality. That's what all the great men that came before us were trying to accomplish. 
>What about reaching the stars and infinity and shit. The scientific method and the Overman and shit. 
No, just, no. Western Civilization is about giving women equal rights, it's about making sure that no harm ever comes to white women anywhere in the world. Got it? Women can do anything men can do, they just never had the chance and Western Civilization is about giving women that fucking chance!
And it's been a great succes. Ever since women really got ahead in the 60's we are in massive debt but have a smaller army. We have a steady influx of cultural enrichment and a massive welfare state that keeps getting gutted because no money. So we must go to war with Islam, we must teach these men that white women are their equals. We are progress. We are Enlightment. We are on the right side of history.

People need an ideology and woman are more easily swayed by guilt and emotions. Jews realized that and perfected the art of subversion: feminism, multiculturalism, LGBT, climate scare are just a few of the things they use to indoctrinate people. If the system is corrupt it corrupts the lesser people and only through such events we can challenge the narrative, in this case the narrative of 'religion of peace'. It's all a big game of divide and conquer for (((them))).

 What has fucked their brains so that they don't understand reality?
The UN brainwash program, 2020, Agenda 21, and now rebranded to 2030 since it seems to take a little longer than they figured in the sixties...
From kindergarden, primary school, all the way to higher education, we are told that everyone in the world are the same, and have the same potential and desires.
Obviously nothing could be further from the truth, since everyone are unique, and have different ideas, politics, ideologies, relgions, and on and on ... 
It's going to take some absolute brutal shit to snap people out of it... I'm dreading listening to my normie family talk their way out of this incident this Christmas. Everyone is so bluepilled that they have turned my redpill black.