Since Frank Giustra just got named at the house oversight hearing

In 2008 Gold Wheaton Corp was formed with Frank Giustra as one of the directors

Gold Wheaton took over the holding company 222 Pizza Express Corp and was sold for C$830 million in 2011.

222 was the favourite number of Corey Haim who was raped and abused by Hollywood big wigs

Giustra was at one point a director and major shareholder of Lionsgate Entertainment one of the biggest Hollywood distributors,_Thunderbird_Films_and_Sea_to_Sky_Entertainment

The Clinton Connection

>Giustra established the Radcliffe Foundation in 1997. The foundation donates heavily to the Clintons and their related foundations, in addition it also funds the International Crisis Group which provides behind the scenes support for peace negotiations in places like Colombia, Burundi, Northern Uganda, and Sudan.

>Locally in Vancouver, the foundation works on causes such as homelessness, with a focus on youth including contributions to the British Columbia Children's Hospital.

>In 2005 Bill Clinton was planning a trip to Latin America and needed a large plane for the tour. Giustra, who had never met the former president, offered the use of the plane with the condition that he would come along. In the ten years that followed, Giustra gave more than $100 million to the Clinton Foundation and lent his plane to Bill Clinton 26 times. In Kazakhstan, he signed the now well known Uranium One deal after a joint dinner with the president of Kazakstan and Bill Clinton. In Colombia he became the first foreign investor to receive drilling rights and formed partnerships with the state owned Ecopetrol. This followed meetings with then president Alvaro Uribe and in more recent years current president Juan Manuel Santos.

>In the 2005 trip, the pair bonded over stories of their similarly 'humble backgrounds' and formed what would be a long friendship. According to Giustra, Bill Clinton never helped in any commercial negotiations, stating, “you have to understand something about Bill Clinton. He doesn’t care about that stuff, his eyes would glaze over.”