MH370 was hijacked by Chinese organ harvesters

>Ex-Fox TV executive Darlene Lieblich Tipton recently announced she has a hard drive containing solid proof that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was hijacked by organ harvesters.
>The plane, which had 239 passengers and crew on board, disappeared on March 8th, 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to China.
>Tipton, who lost her job at Fox after she used her company email address to raise money for relatives of the missing MH370 passengers, says the organ harvesting plot was devised by Falun Gong practitioners. They reportedly conducted a mass kidnapping on the doomed flight and took the 200+ passengers to an undisclosed location to murder them and remove their organs as “part of an ‘on demand’ transplant operation for rich people.”
>"I hope that China arrests Falun Gong practitioners and stop the heinous act of using these prisoners of conscience to facilitate China’s inexcusable and horrendous practice of live organ harvesting,” Tipton commented regarding her theory.
>The former executive says she plans on making a film about the tragedy to show people the truth about what really happened.

What do you think Anons? Is she full of shit? I can see something like this happening... hundreds of people on board and the kidnappers would make an absolute fortune. Maybe they conspired with the pilots/flight crew.