John Podesta is saying post your best Pizza gate proof. LETS SHOW HIM SOME ANONS

He doesn't want this "conspiracy" to die, lets honor his wishes.

i hope you read this post if you're lurking, John. I hope you and your entire family die painfully and slowly of cancer and everyone who has ever been associated with you suffers nothing but misery and misfortune for the rest of their pathetic lives. you are one of the most evil men ever to disgrace this earth, and while you deny your crimes out of shame, their truth will inevitably be your downfall. you sadistic fucking piece of shit.

Washington D.C. research project for Dupont underground system 2012:
Funders and Supporters page 85:

>Comet Ping Pong
>Open Society Foundation (George Soros)

Appendix to the underground D.C./ Berlin research paper by James HUCKENPAHLER:

Last page (314)

>Thanks to
>Oliver Miller, AKA Dr. Pong for hosptality in Berlin,

>and, James Alefantis for patronage above and beyond...

Federal Records of American Bridge 21 century superpac (soros biggest doner 2012/2014) making 3 donations to Comet Ping Pong after the underground D.C. / Berlin project:

James Miller (Dr. Pong) making a post saying "secret plans" together with James Huckpahler during the D.C. / Berlin underground project: