Information that will lead to Hillary Clinton's arrest

40°26'41"N105°04'01"W, this blood is displayed like a sick trophy on Google earth The Clintons faked her suicide the next day.
they dragged something over to the lake


The man who posted this thread was on Owen Shroyers show on Infowars a few weeks ago. He name dropped the murder victim and the address. Went and researched it, the girl was accidentally shot by her boyfriend while messing with a gun. There was a photo on her facebook page of her boyfriend wearing a "gun themed" shirt.

The man who posted this said he was nearby and heard/saw the event. He seems pretty shaken up about it and convinced there is some sort of cover up. I couldn't find anything suspicious. Seemed like a wrong place/wrong time scenario.

TLDR: Guy witnessed accidental murder. Finds out there is photo of blood stain on Google maps. Convinced there is a conspiracy behind this.