And the republicans aren’t doing SHIT about it. Without question, Democrats are THE worst people in American history. And today’s republicans are the biggest PUSSIES in American history.

It’s over man. Accelerationism is the only solution. They own the media, the education system, and will succeed in destroying the white culture that built western civilization. Our only hope is collapse and to rebuild. Imagine how these libtards will react when they realize their globalism destroyed society

"We were decadent and deserved collapse, but at least we collapsed trying to do good"
Don't expect internal catharsis. If a plague or a war happened tomorrow and seriously hampered the west's ability to produce enough food to feed 2/3rds of the world, Africa would begin starving immediately and the death toll would likely be over a billion people. Do you think any of the people who made African birthrates what they are would accept responsibility? Of course not, the whole point of the unrealistic levels of "empathy" the left tries to embody is to avoid the responsibility of looking ahead and making the call about how your choices will affect the world when they meet the facts of reality. Its a childish mindset of black and white that can only bring ruin if its the prevailing attitude of the strongest country in the world.

That doesn't help anything. This is the same old game we've been fucking playing for decades.
New president passes some "token" party legislation, then gets outnumbered by the "other side" & is essentially a lame duck for the rest of his term(s). Trump is the most effective heat magnet president we've ever had; he'll get both terms.
Then the dems will win & the cycle begins anew. UNLESS WE STOP IT 

Why is Usa military not taking action? Where are black helicopters, delta forces, commandos.

Your country is currently being fuckef by foreign-money aided Democrats. Or is this part of 4d chess, and you are observing how deep the enemy web goes?

We only need the few to stand up and lead. The fight against evil is eternal. We will drive them back to the shadows once again. If they succeed in tearing down what we have built, then we will rebuild as we have in the past. The fact is, they need us much more than we need them. Their "icon" are old or dead. Their influence can't be sustained. Truth can not be denied forever and all is being raised to the surface. We will never cease to move forward as builders. We are the fire of humanity. The driving force and the engineer of the engine that carries us onward to glory.

sooner or later they will run out of victims to loot, just prepare yourself and family for that eventuality. the sooner the USA fails the sooner we can begin the process of rebuilding. the USA has failed to protect western civilization, and is currently the center of poz. only the destruction of US hegemony can restore balance to the force

the police state that currently exists is precisely what is preventing the DOTR. the coming race war will be very short and very final, and the sooner it occurs the better it will be for all concerned
the day of the ballot is ended, the day of the bullet is begun.

This entire system is managed from the top down. This isn't 1640. Any war that comes exists only to serve their goals, and if your goals in any way impede theirs (and any semblance of liberating yourself from their system definately does) it will result in you getting stomped out.

THE TRUTH, you child, is that the group who controls the world actually intends to continue to control the world - and they arein a position to do it. Technology has been advancing dramatically in secret, while you have cell phones with camera on both sides and always-on microphones connected to always-on internet. You think they will fuck up? They've had super computers before your parents knew how to print. By the time the war ends, and the ones they deem undesirable are killed and the rest are poor, hungry, tired, and hollow...then we will see how advanced they really are. We will see major advancements, a time of "miracles" - but also a time of unremoveable chains. 

You think you want transhumanism? You think you'll get the Cool nanobots? You'll get some ID bots and an off switch. They will rule. They have planned this for longer than you have been alive. They aren't going to fuck up.

There is only working against them NOW, in as intelligent a manner as possible, or there is slavery for you and every one of your descendants for scores of generations to come...if not more.