they are aggressive, turn very violent , throw food on the floor just because they didn't like it, they sell toothpaste given to them to buy cigarettes
they leave tons of piles of garbage everywhere with food, full bottles of water
alcohol bottles
they demand service, transportation
and get violent when not given to them
it is a horde of 90% men

these ppl do drugs in front of everyone and they don't care
they tell reporters how and when they cross illegally and they don't care
they yell communist slogans and they await for all of them to be together to enter the US by force
they say they will break the wall if necessary

they were asked who paid for this beach house turned sanctuary for you? and he said oh we were told we ar enot supposed to tell you that information
on how we got here or who paid for it all
and when mexican reporters pushed the issue then he said it is our american lawyers
when ask will you wait here? for hos long? and they say we were not told yet

they refuse to accept jobs and help and even have the nerve to throw teh food prepared for them demanding to be fed soft tacos

they ar enot interested in hygene products...they sell tha tto but their drugs and alcohol and cigarretes
they were told to continue moving and not to stay in any one refuge place
their masters want them to travel fast

As the only Mexican fagg living in the border (tijuana btw) I can tell that we are very worried
They already cross some border points and even have turrets.
Most of the people here hate the caravan because they are agressive, they are not like other travellers (Like the africans )
Because they come here (legally) and the started to work 
>ok, very cool 
but this people is something else, most of the city are hating them
>b-but you are just like Trump
BOI, this people literally punched the mexicans police men in Chiapas