>start watching Alex Jones ironically as a joke >slowly start to realize he’s right about everything

The biggest Jones redpill is finding out that the whole gay frogs thing was actually the true findings of actual scientific studies and not something he just pulled out of his ass. It's the thing he's mocked most for saying and it was fucking true.


this is partly why the whole thing is so strange... there wasn't a specific thing he did that caused the complete internet-wide ban. 

i thought there might be a specific segment that crossed the line, mainly because many of the "separate" tech companies issued their bans simultaneously...but nope.

this either solidifies him as totally right or totally wrong...this type of aggressive banning doesn't happen when someone is just in the middle somewhere. and also goes to show he is not "controlled opposition" as some people claim.

>start watching Alex Jones ironically as a joke
>slowly start to realize he’s right about everything
>suddenly it makes sense why he was banned from all (((social media)))

Have you taken the inter dimensional vampire goblin pill yet 

I've been listening to him since 2003 roughly.
I don't think he's wrong about everything, his facts are usually right. He just seems to apply them to a timeline that doesn't exist.

I also think he's terrible at interviews. He cuts people off, stops talking, than immediately starts ranting the second they try to talk again. It's really annoying, especially when he's with Roger Stone. Stone just gets talked over and interrupted every five seconds with Alex screaming and making voices.

theres a reason out of the entire ocean of stuff on youtube he was targeted for removal. the only people who think hes full of shit have only seen highlight clips of him being over the top. everything he says he backs up. every outrageous claim he's made he's been able to source and give details on. frogs gay? atrazine. sandy hook hoax? fbi murder records. the list goes on.

Tucker just brought up Alex and CNN's disgusting campaign to have him banned from all platforms. The only two people who have stood up for AJ through all of this are Tucker & Trump. Pretty eye-opening.

Q is a larp but it got boomers thinking so it makes you think too.

I'd be able to see where you're coming from if it weren't for the fact that, of the two establishment political parties, one is in ruin and scrambling to figure out what to do, and the other is in ruin and being rebuilt from the ground-up as the part of the military intelligence counter-coup, i.e. keeping those who are "loyal to Trump" while purging neocons who refuse to step in line. this is not political theatre, what we've seen in the past few years has been the legitimate destruction of a long-standing two-party sometimes-you-win-sometimes-I-win game, a destruction that clearly none of the establishment was prepared for. dude the Democrats are going to run HRC again because even though running a repeatedly failed candidate again, against the guy who beat her last, is normally a fucking death sentence, it's the best candidate the party has by a fucking LONG SHOT. it's like when the Xbox came out and Halo was the hottest shit in video games and everyone was scrambling to throw together a competing shooter to tout as their platform's "Halo killer." everyone's looking for their (metaphorical) "Trump killer," and they keep coming up hilariously short. Beto was the great faux-hispanic hope most recently, and look how that turned out.

no, this is no "matrix outside the matrix," we're seeing an actual, massive political shift in this country for the first time in decades. we're two years into an 7.5-year window in which Trump has to make enough of a dent in the "deep state" establishment to make enough people wake up to what's happening to keep the train rolling. I think it's going to happen. I know everyone's hungry for happenings and I am too, but we're seeing significant shit happening nonetheless.

again, the counter-coup has to a.) be legal and b.) avoid war at all costs. this is an extremely delicate thing to do, if a.) or b.) were omitted it would be much MUCH easier.

Trump said decades ago that "the Israel/Palestine Deal" would be The Biggest Deal Of All and that he hoped he could make that deal. I think it's inevitable that this is going to happen one way or the other in the next 6.5 years (likely not until second term)... he's Trump, the deal-maker, in this crazy ridiculous position to make what arguably really would be the greatest deal of all time... it's just going to happen, it's inevitable. I'm not smart enough to foresee how it's going to shake out but the deal is going to happen and I believe the world will be better off as a result.

you said the narrative I'm espousing was false because it's just what the jewish masters in control what me to think because I was saying what FOX News was saying, but I wasn't. the mainstream right-wing opinion is "there's some kind of deep state but Trump's gonna drain the swamp!!" which is not the same as "the current President of the United States is a representative of the US military intelligence deep state counter-coup which has been planned for years in advance and is now taking place before our eyes." most people, even /pol/, aren't aware of the DIA or of the distinction between "military/defense intelligence" and the other intelligence agencies (FBI/CIA/NSA/etc.).

I understand the perspective of "it's all under the elites' control and we're eternally fucked with no way out" but I just fail to see that to be true. if nothing happens in 6.5 years, hey, I guess I'll have been wrong and we really will be fucked and maybe you can join me in a compound innawoods and tell me how wrong I was

Where we seem to differ is that you don't think the Jews are capable of constructing such a convincing counter-narrative. I think you're vastly underestimating them. They've been playing the long game for 500+ years, funding both sides in European wars in the middle ages and doing the same shit right up into modern times to this day. Their influence hasn't DECREASED over that time, it's INCREASED. Never have they had greater infiltration of the global economic and political system, and never have they had tools as powerful as mass media at their disposal. They haven't suddenly slipped and lost control - they've solidified it. The last true threat to them was Hitler.

Democrats and Republicans have always been two sides of the same coin - a way to polarize the population so that each side always has a convenient enemy that is not the Jews. The Republican party has not undergone some fundamental change from being cucked by Jews. The Jews simply realized that people were waking up to the rigged two-party system and invented a counter-narrative firmly under their control to restore public faith in the party so that we do not start acting on our own - outside of the political system.

This shift didn't begin with Trump - it goes back to the Tea Party and before. Trump's just a guy they control who plays an important part in their little play. The ONLY fact you need to know to figure this out is how pro-Israel he is. If you want to know what an ACTUAL counter-narrative is, go read Mein Kampf and watch some of Hitler's speeches. You're not going to find some cuck bowing to Israel and marrying his family members off to Jews. You'll see an honest man speaking honestly, and then you'll know the difference.