midterms are indicative of 2020.

Trump will indeed have a very hard time in 2020, not to mention with Florida letting convicts vote now when he already just squeaked by.

BUT with that said, I'm not sure if the midterms are indicative of 2020. I say this because turnout is always lower than the presidential elections, and minorities generally don't bother with midterms, especially blacks. But the black support of Trump has gone WAY up lately. He was already ahead of damn near all republican presidents for the last 40 years in terms of black support when he got elected, but now it's even higher. Democrats rely HARD on the minority vote, which is why they constantly pander to identity politics and say everything Trump does is racist.

If Trump can improve black relations even more, heavily limit new democratic voters from coming in (ie limit visible minority immigration from places where the citizens vote very liberally, as opposed to ones like cubans which vote republican), and get just a tad bit more support from hispanics, then he should be able to win it.

I feel like he will be bringing over some more independents in 2020 as they see the left slowly losing their mind more and more.

It is really hard to lose a second term, but the map is very unfavorable to Republicans in 2020. The midterms mattered most in the rust belt, and the Dema crushed it their. They can win without Florida, but they just gave 1 million blacks the right to vote again, so I highly doubt the republicans keep Florida. 
The Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and PA elections, (also senate in Ohio) the dems crushed. This is very bad news for trump, going forward. It’s a sign that he working class is slipping from trump fevor in those states which ARE a referdum on trump. 

This night was not good for Republicans. Nevada is fully a dem state now, Texas, AZ are becoming like California, NC and virgins