Michelle Obama ...Do you see a girl in this photo?

This is a CIA psyop tactic known as “poisoning the well”. They spread similar, demonstrably false, rumors ahead of a potentially true rumor reaching the public. That way, when it gets out that Obama ordered $65,000 worth of “hot dogs”(code word for male prostitutes) to the White House it becomes easier to deny these allegations, because a previous rumor about Michelle being a man came from similar, unsubstantiated sources. OP either took the CIA bait real hard, or is a CIA shill himself. Which is it OP? If the latter, how much do they pay you? Because I guarantee I can do your job better than you.

All this talk about the strange families of political elites lets not forget Justin Trudeau. Maggie was a well known skank, she even popularized the beaver shot while getting out of a car before Brittney Spears. Also made a visit to Cuba without Pierre before Justin was born.