Is CNN legally obligated to be part of the press pool? Why don't they just ban them altogether? You don't see tabloid reporters able to get in the WH.

Unbelievable. Being a woman in this position is scary enough. Intimidated is an understatement. Jim Acosta, senior reporter for CNN, a man who is known nationwide and is a household name to those well-versed in politics, uses his masculinity and power to physically subdue an intern who is simply doing her job. An indelible moment for anyone, to say the least, but for this brave young woman it could be a traumatic turning point in her bright young career. We need to allow her to tell her truth, and we need to foster an environment where she feels comfortable sharing it with those of us who are accepting enough to listen. I want a full investigation and I hope real Americans will stand with me. We need to protect our women. The time to do the right thing is now. This could be your wife, your daughter. I am shaken but I know we can use this to have a real conversation and put our country and our men on the right path.