I stumbled on this video about the Illuminati. #REDPILL

I stumbled on this video about the Illuminati. It claims the Jews (Illuminati) are behind a multi-century plot to destroy all governments and religions. They want a one world government in which they have complete power.

https://youtu.be/6X_xB1JJ_Es [Embed]

Some claims made:

>All of this is documented but not taught. They've controlled the perception of history.

>They control the economy. This is their ultimate source of power

>These 'liberal' elite have financed both sides of wars

>Hitler was funded by these Jews and was used as a pawn

>Much of the major political events in history (World Wars, French Revolution, assassination of JFK / Lincoln) were caused by these elite

>WW2 was orchestrated to fuel Zionism and create Israel

>They broke up the Illuminati into multiple different organizations to help obscure their power

>They took control of the US and influential leaders are puppets. They controlled Europe long before this.

>They were involved with the creation of the Federal Reserve which gives them secret control of the economy.

>They actively work to divide civilization into unruly factions (left vs right, capitalism vs communism, religious/moral beliefs, etc.)

>They planned the first two world wars and plan a third

Even more fucked up. When Reagan said that fascism would come from the left, its quite possible he knew something evil was coming.

Check this out, a recording of a dude in 1967 explaining clearly what they are doing today and why. 
Its been a plan for a long time and we are nearing the end of their plan for NWO.

SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO THIS TONIGHT. It will blow your fu3king mind.

Freemason Illuminati is real. 


German poet Goethe once said about The Magic Flute, “If the multitude find pleasure only in what is actually visible, the initiated will not fail to perceive the higher meaning.” Those “initiated” are none other than the Freemasons.

Mozart became a Mason in December 1784 and was an active member until his death seven years later. Freemasonry in Mozart’s time was driven by a desire to spread the ideals of the Enlightenment – reason, tolerance, and humanism. Mozart found solace in these principles as he dealt with the passing of his father, troubles in his marriage, and his ever-growing debt. It is no surprise then that his later works became saturated with Masonic themes. The Magic Flute is certainly no exception.

Written at a time when Freemasonry was condemned and discredited, The Magic Flute has been called an “Enlightenment allegory, veiled in masonic ritual.”

Mozart didn’t limit his Masonic nods to just the abstract allegorical level. Freemason rituals and symbolism are scattered throughout the opera. Take the number three, for example. This numeral, an important figure to the Masons, occurs again and again: the main character Tamino is rescued by three ladies and guided along his journey by three boys; he must endure three trials to join the brotherhood; the snake representing ignorance is cut into three pieces. Mozart even goes so far as to write the work in a key signature with three flats. 

The Magic Flute, meant to epitomize the meaning of Freemasonry, was Mozart’s last completed composition. He fell ill two days after its premiere. In the delirium of that fatal sickness, Wolfgang would run through the opera in his head, experiencing the power of his own music. He died after the show’s 67th performance. One hypothesis regarding Mozart’s death is that Masons poisoned him for revealing their secrets.



From Plutarch's description of voyages it can be calculated that our great continent
in the Western Hemisphere was visited by the ancient Greeks;
they not only reached our shores but explored part of the Great Lakes area. ...
Under a thin veil of symbolism they perpetuated in mythology their knowledge
of our land, which they called blessed .... The area was anciently set apart for coming generations
in the great human experiment of the democratic commonwealth.

THE ancient Greeks had a far better knowledge of geography than popular opinion today indicates. We have been deceived as to the full measure of classical learning, because the Greeks did not commit the larger part of their knowledge to writing, and they bound scholarship with the vow of secrecy.

In ancient days all learning was regarded as sacred; wisdom was entrusted to the keeping of priest-philosophers; and they were permitted to communicate the choicest branches of the sciences only to duly initiated pupils. To bestow knowledge upon those who had not prepared their minds by years of discipline and self-purification profaned the mysteries, desecrated the sacred sciences.

Some years ago, in discussing this fine point in ethics with the late Professor James Breasted, the most distinguished of American Egyptologists, he confirmed my own findings; and further stated it to be his personal conviction that the classical civilizations concealed most of their learning under legends, myths, and allegories; and these have long been mistakenly accepted as the literal beliefs of these peoples.

There can be no doubt that the existence of a great continent in the Western Hemisphere was known to the ancient Greeks. And also to the Egyptians and the Chinese. It is nothing short of foolish to assume that the ancients lacked ships sufficiently seaworthy to navigate the larger oceans. Long before the Christian era, the older civilization had constructed boats far larger and more seaworthy than any of the vessels used by Columbus. One of the Ptolemys of Egypt built a ship large enough to have an orchard of fruit trees on the deck, together with swimming pools and fountains stocked with live fish.

Calculations based upon Plutarch's description of ancient voyages seem to indicate that the Greeks not only reached the coast of America, but explored the St. Lawrence river and part of the Great Lakes area. Plato, in his treatise on the destruction of Atlantis, wrote that due to the commotions in the ocean caused by the submergence of a vast continent, all navigation to the west ceased for a long period of time. This statement can only imply that such navigation had taken place in remote times.

Greek mythology perpetuates the knowledge of a blessed land beyond the Western Boundaries of Ocean. In this blessed land dwelt the Hesperides, the beautiful daughters of Night, and here also at the end of each day the sun came to rest. In popular mythology the Hesperic Isles were a kind of terrestrial paradise.

Thus, under a thin veil of mystic symbolism, was concealed the account of a Western continent of great size, fertile and rich and abounding in all good things.

The ancients believed the earth to be surrounded by the sphere of the constellations, and they assigned to each country the star groups which were above that country's particular area of land. In the arrangement preserved in the writings of Aratus of Soli, the constellation of the eagle spreads its wings accross the North American continent; the serpent winds its coil over Mexico and Central America; and the dragon floats in the sky above Japan and China. Perhaps Sir Edward Landseer was not far wrong when he declared that the symbols of nations, and the emblems peculiar to their heraldry, originated in their ruling constellations. Just about everyone knows that the constellation of the Great Bear is in the sky aver Russia, and since time immemorial the bear that walks like a man has been the accepted symbol of the Russian State.

Thus in many ways we discover indications that the old races were wiser than we thought, and that what we have called discoveries are really only re-discoveries.

Beyond the western bounds of the ocean they located the fair land set aside by the gods to be the earthly paradise. Here in the fulness of time all men would come in search of the Golden Fleece which hung upon the tree sacred to the apples of the sun; and the early explorers did travel to the West in search of a Golden Fleece - the gold of the Incas, the treasures of the Aztecs, and the jeweled temples of the seven cities of Cibola.

It was in an old book which is in the British Museum that I found another and even more important key to the meaning of the Golden Fleece. It was known to the Greeks that the Golden Fleece was in reality a parchment on which was written the secret of human immortality. It was this parchment that Jason sought, for whoever discovered it would gain the secret of enduring empire, and power over the whole world.

We have now in America, enshrined in the Congressional Library, a Golden Fleece - the American Declaration of Independence, written on the skin of an animal and preserved as the magic formula of human hope. Those who understand it and can use wisely the import of its writings are possessed of the secret of the immortality of human society.


Solon, of Athens, freed the debtors' person to reform the institution of debt slavery;

he instituted the selection of juries by lot, with all citizens participating; and he gave the voting franchise
to all taxpayers alike, thus beginning national democracy six hundred years before Christ. ...
When he later journeyed to Egypt, he there learned of the first war of conquest, in the story of the lost Atlantis,
and became acquainted with the imperishable laws for the government of nations.
DEBT has been the common burden of the ages, and yet the whole structure of our modern economic world is built on the shaky foundation of Bills Payable and Bills Receivable. Long ago, interest ate up its own principal, and we terest on our own are currently living on the inunliquidated debts.

Solon, greatest statesman of the Greek world, was handed this age-old problem when, about 595 B.C., he was summoned to the leadership of the State with the title, Archon. He was given unlimited powers to reform the economic and constitutional systems of the Athenians. His first move was to attack the old Attic law of debt which he believed lay at the source of the public distress.

In the time of Solon, the Greek countryside was littered with roughly hewn stone markers. Originally these were boundary stones fixing the property lines of the lands of various citizens. As time had passed, it had become the custom to carve into these stones the records of mortgage contracts affecting the property which they bounded. Single stones became insufficient after a time, and eventually the added monuments to debt interfered with the plowing of the fields.

Solon, investigating the tragedy of the mortgage monument, made several interesting discoveries that were to change the course of human economics. When poor farmers mortgaged their lands to rich families on neighboring estates, and the debts were not paid, the wealthy landowners moved their boundary stones to include the encumbered property, and the previous proprietors became tenants. These tenants were obliged to pay one-sixth of their products for the privilege of working the soil; and if they failed their persons were attached and they became slaves. This was the Attic law which Solon abolished, the law which permitted loans on the security of the debtor's person.

When Solon restored the freedom of all who had been enslaved for debt, the reform was highly acceptable of course to the poorer classes; but it found little favor with the landowners. They immediately set to work in a conspiracy to discredit Solon and force him out of office. Thus, back in very olden days, when life was very simple, the basic problems which harassed the State and burdened the legislators stemmed from the persisting fallacies of human nature.

In further effort to bring some semblance of order out of the Athenian chaos, Solon also attempted a reorganization of social classes, giving political existence to large groups never before represented in government. He divided the citizenry into four groups reminiscent of old Brahman castes. He then readjusted taxation so that the poorer classes all paid equally an approximate 5 percent of their income. Equalizing the tax burden according to individual means paved the way for an equality of representation in the governing body. All citizens who paid taxes were entitled to be heard in matters of the common good, and were privileged to elect magistrates. These steps marked the beginning of the democracy of the ancient Greeks.

But the greatest of all of the reforms of Solon took place in the courts of justice. Selection of juries was by lot, with all citizens participating, even the poorest; and these juries were upheld over the pressures of established privileged groups.

One of the most curious of Solon's regulations throws light on the difficulties of his time. He forbade that a bride should bring to the house of her husband more than three changes of garment and91like personal furniture.' He also ordained that each citizen must stand ready to show at any time to properly authorized persons how he obtained his living. Any citizen failing to do this would lose his franchise.

The drastic changes of Solon made him so many enemies that after a few years he felt he had to relinquish the burden of leadership of the State to regain his honor. Those who hated and feared him, as Archon, promptly renewed their love after he left public office and no longer threatened their ambitions.

His term as Archon brought to Solon the realization of his own inadequacy; and he visited Egypt in search of a larger wisdom. He was received with kindness and every mark of respect by the priests at Sais who served the shrine of the Goddess Isis. To these wise men he told the story of his effort to enlighten the Greeks, and correct the evils in their laws. The High Priest of Sais is reported to have said, "Alas, you Greeks, you are but children; for you know not the wisdom of the gods."

One night the priests of Sais led Solon through the long dark pasageways of the temple. They descended stone stairs rutted with age and lighted only by flaming torches, came at length to subterranean chambers hewn from the living rock. Through these chambers flowed a river. The priests said that this river was the sacred Nile that flowed from Egypt through the underworld to water the fields of the immortals. On the bank of the underground stream a small black boat was waiting, rowed by men who were blind.

Accompanied by the High Priest and the torch bearers, Solon was rowed out over the dark waters. The boat stopped on the shores of a tiny island far under ground. The light from the torches fell on two tall columns that glistened; they appeared to be made of some strange metal, covered with curious writing in an unknown language.

The High Priest, pointing his golden rod at the pillars, explained their mystery to the astonished Solon. These columns, he said, were placed on the island beneath the ground thousands of years ago by a lost people which had vanished forever from the earth. The pillars were of an unknown metal which neither rusted nor deteriorated with age.

He continued: Once long ago there existed on the earth a vast empire, the power of which extended to every corner of the world, and great fleets of merchant ships sailed the seven seas and brought their wealth to its fabulous city of the Golden Gate. Here there were schools for the study of the mysteries of Nature; towers for the examination of the stars; mines beneath the earth from which the precious metals were brought forth in abundance. This empire was ruled over by seven kings, who were the descendants of Neptune, God of the Seas.

Then came the fatal day when the seven kings of the Islands of the West in disobedience to the laws of the gods resolved to conquer the whole earth. And thus it was that war came into being, for before that time there had been no strife among men. And the seven kings led an army against the ancient Greeks and they invaded all of Europe, coming in great ships from the west. This, Solon was told, occured about 9000 years before the seige of Troy.

The gods were angry because the seven kings had made war. They caused the earth to be shaken and the great Islands of the West vanished into the sea. In a single night, sixty million human beings perished because they had disobeyed the laws of heaven. In time even the name of the Atlantic Empire was forgotten; for it must ever be so that those who disobey the gods shall vanish from the memory of mankind, regardless of their wealth or power.

"From these ancient columns" said the High Priest, "we have read the laws that were given in olden times for the government of nations. These laws are not made by men but are the Will of Eternal Nature. Upon these laws enduring States must be built. To depart from these laws is to die. So perished the nations of the elder world."

When Solon returned to Greece it was his intention to take the story of the Atlantic Empire and develop it into a great epic poem; but the infirmity of years and the responsibilities of the State interfered. Instead, Solon told the story in the fullest detail to his close friend, Dropis, who in turn recited it to his son, Critias. In his 90th year, Critias communicated the narrative to his grandson of the same name who later became a disciple of Socrates. It is in this way that the story of the lost Atlantis came finally to be incorporated in the Platonic dialogues as part of a conversation between the younger Critias and his master Socrates.

The dialogue itself was named the Critias.

If you accept that there are elites who solely due to swindling others ruthlessness for generations to achieve top financial dominance were somehow too stupid to, once getting to the top with enormous wealth, band together and create a cabal that dominates events for their personal gain, you dont understand the intelligence required to achieve what they achieved. If you think that after reaching peak dominance they all someone reach the conclusion that they no longer want to swindle others out of sheer compassion, you dont understand the ruthlessness required ti get to their place in society

Bavarian Illuminati was the basis for what we call today the Columbian Faction, came here right after this government was formed. That's where we get today this Columbian space shuttle, Columbia movies, Columbia Television, Columbia Records, everything Columbia..Columbia university. As a matter of fact, columbia TV, Columbia Broadcasting System, CBS. What is a symbol for CBS? It's the all seeing eye. And that's why our government is on the district of Columbia, because these guys own our government. So, in another words, these guys print the money, they run the country, and they own you. And they own everything around it. And so, they make the laws and that's why they can decide who can kill who and who can get away with it and when, who can get away with whatever. Because they make the laws and decide.

Those names became Zeus, Ares and Poseidon in Hellas, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune in Rome, Yahweh, Gabriel in Canaan and a lot of different names in other tongues. Enki and Enlil are mentioned in the Bible as the "Lord" since the Jews couldn't accept more than one god.

Here are some of the most important gods involved in the quest of harvesting gold on Earth, and their names in different tongues.

Enlil, Elil, Ashur, Ilu-kur-gal, El-Shadai, Zeus, Yahweh, (Jehovah) Jupiter, God, Allah. He was the chief of the gods on Earth until ca 2000 BCE.

Ninlil, Ashera, Hera, Juno, Enlil's partner.

Ninmah, Nin-Hursaq, Demeter. She was a half sister of Enlil and Enki.

Ninurta, Ares, Viracocha, Mars, Gabriel in the Bible. He was a son of Enlil, and the god of war. Nin-urta means "Hero of the Lord". Gabriel means "Strong man of El".

Nannar/Sin, Michael in the Bible. He was a son of Enlil, born on Earth. Na-nnar means "Bearer of heavenly power". Michael means "He who is like El"

Ish-kur/Adad was a son of Enlil. Ish-kur means "Great physicist". Rafael means "healer of El". He was the storm god with the ability to cause plagues!

Enki, Ptah, Nudinmud, Poseidon, Neptunus. He was the great scientist who created the human race. He was a half brother of Enlil and Ninmah.

Ningishzidda, Thoth, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Mercury. He was a son of Enki and the most well educated of the gods.

Marduk, Ra, Amun, Bel. He was a son of Enki who challenged Enlil, and eventually replaced him as the chief of the gods on Earth, at about 2000 BCE.

Utu, Shamash, Uriel in the Bible. He was a son of Nannar and twin brother of Inanna. He was the chief of the air forces of the Enlillite administration. Utu means "Shining". Uriel means "Fire of El".


An important point to mention is that the Sumerian flood account was clearly copied and modified to create the Genesis account, written by Hebrew priests being held captive in Babylon, where they had access to the true story of the great flood but chose to placate Enlil as their chosen monotheistic ancient astronaut god.

After all, they were scared to death of Enlil’s wrath. Genesis 6 describes the background scene to the great flood, leaving out all references to the other members of the Anunnaki council in the Torah narrative.

And three days before attack Australian Intelligence Service told Roosevelt about a Japanese task force moving towards Pearl Harbour. Roosevelt ignored it. So, as hoped in a loud, on the 7th Dec 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbour killing 2400 soldiers.

Before Pearl Harbour, 83% of the American public wanted nothing to do with the war. After Pearl Harbour, 1 000 000 men volunteered for the war. It is important to know, Nazi Germany's war effort was largely supported by two organizations, one of which was called I.G. Farben. Farben produced 84% of Germany's explosives and even the Zyklon B used in concentration camps to kill millions. One of the unspoken partners of IG Farben was J.D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil company in America. In fact, the German air force couldn't operate without a special additive patented by Rockefeller Standard Oil. The drastic bombing of London by Nazi Germany for example is made possible by a 20 million$ sale of fuel to IG Farben by Rockefeller Standard Oil company. This is just one small point on the topic how American business funded BOTH SIDES OF THE WWII. One other treasonous organization worth mentioning is Union Banking Corp, NY. Not only did it financed numerous aspects of Hitler's rise to power, along with actual material during the war, it is also a Nazi money laundering bank.

Most importantly, World War II paved the way to create U.N. and Israel. It must be noted that the top 4 players of WWII had ties to the occult (hidden knowledge). Hitler was deeply involved in the black arts. He joined the group focused on esoteric teachings called Thule Society. This is where the logo for the Nazi party came from. Joseph Stalin was involved in freemasonry. Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd degree mason. Winston Churchill was a member of two masonic lodges, including a Druidic lodge.

Guess who the director and Vice President of the Union Bank was? Prescott Bush. Our (at the time) current president's grandfather. And of course, former president's father. Keep that in mind when considering moral and political dispositions of a Bush family.

The ideologies of Nazis and the Communists were set against each other by the Illuminati financiers in a dialectical struggle. Both ideologies are flawed and use the SAME means to produce the SAME results. The Illuminati financiers shows to eliminate the Nazi movement and preserve Communism for one, very important reason. Hitler started to print money just like the Federal Reserve. At this point, all the Europe was tied up to a war by itself. The problem and reaction stages of WWII would only be solved through America.




The Illuminati is a real thing. Everyone knows what it is, whatever name you want to call it. They're also Satanists sometimes, as well as Jews. The name Illuminati got made fun for being "oooh conspiracy" because the Illuminati wants people to laugh at you for bringing them up. Good goyim laughing at the idea of Illuminati which obviously exists. 

The Illuminati controls things by the Federal Reserve. Paper money comes from when you deposit your gold (now we just get money from the start) into the bank and they give you a note that represents the value. The Illuminati realized they can lend people money (giving them bank notes) that they don't really have the gold for. They can charge interest lending money they do not have value for and make large LARGE amounts of moneu without working. They just give you bank notes with value the Federal Reserve doesn't even have.

The Federal Reserve is NOT part of the government, despite its name making it sound like it. The Federal Reserve lends money to governments actually.

The Illumanti certainly finances both sides of war. Two reasons that are directly against white people that are obvious why they finance both sides: 1) They can take away your rights and liberties under the guise of security and protection. 2) They can create refugees that "must" come to white countries. 

Hitler wasn't a pawn. He really was our guy. That's why they demonize him so bloody hard even though he's like the same thing as FDR but much better. He cared about Germany and realized what the Jews were doing. They try to shove him into the Illuminati so nobody likes him, not even people who support his ideas. But he's good.

MANY assassinations are caused by the Illuminati. They work with mafias as well. And NO you faggots, mafias are not cool despite what (((Hollywood tries to tell you) they rape kids and they stink of cigarettes and they are not cool in any way. Shut up with your b-b-but Hollywood said they were cool. They're not.

I have the goals of the Illuminati. I wrote them down. They comes from the book Occult Theocrasy by Edith Miller. They are: 

1) destruction of Christianity and all monarchical governments 
2) destruction of nations in favor of universal internationalism (that one is phrased kinda weird. it means destruction of nations to replace them with something different that the Illuminati favors, not that the nations are in favor of it) 
3) discouragement of patriotism and loyalty branded as narrow-minded prejudice, incompatible of "goodwill" to all me (what they tell us is goodwill) and cry of universal brotherhood 
4) abolition of family ties of monogamy by means of systemic corruption
5) suppression of rights of inheritance and property 

Spread this information wherever you go. Viciously defend everything the Illuminati is against and hold it dear to you.


Any account of secret societies in America would have to include tribute to the man who has been called the "First American Gentleman"--Benjamin Franklin. Although Dr. Franklin was never the country's President, nor a military general, he stands out as one of the most important figures in the struggle for American independence. Quiet, dignified, scholarly and gentle, Franklin foresaw a new goal for an ever changing world through the square bi-focal glasses of which he was the inventor.

Historians have never ceased to wonder at the enormous psychological influence which Franklin exercised in colonial politics. But up to the present day, few indeed are those who have realized that the source of his power lay in the secret societies to which he belonged and of which he was the appointed spokesman. Franklin was not a law maker, but his words became law. Beneath the homely wisdom which he circulated in his Almanac, under the pseudonym of Poor Richard, was a profundity of scientific and philosophic learning. He understood both the farmer and the philosopher, and could speak the languages of both.

When Benjamin Franklin went to France to be honored by the State, he was received too by the Lodge of Perfection, the most famous of all the French secret orders; and his name, written in his own fine hand, is in their record ledger, close to that of the Marquis de Lafayette.

Franklin spoke for the Order of the Quest, and most of the men who worked with him in the early days of the American Revolution were also members. The plan was working out, the New Atlantis was coming into being, in accordance with the program laid down by Francis Bacon a hundred and fifty years earlier.

The rise of American democracy was necessary to a world program. At the appointed hour, the freedom of man was publicly declared.