I did my own research into who really owns and publishes the media in the US:

>Owned by Disney-ABC Television Group
>who's president and CEO is (((Dana Walden))) born to jewish immigrants

>Owned by Comcast
>Who's founder was (((Ralph J. Roberts))) and who's current CEO and president is his son (((Brian Roberts))) 

>Owned by National Amusements
>Which is owned by (((Sumner Murray Redstone))) born Sumner Murray Rothstein who controls 80% stake in the company

>LA Times and Chicago Tribune
>Owned by Sam Zell, born (((Schmuel Zielonka))) to jewish immigrants in Chicago, through the Tribune Company

>The Miami Herald
>Yahoo! News
>Owned by The McClatchy Company
>Who's president and CEO is (((Craig Forman))) born to jewish immigrants in New York City

>The Philadelphia Inquirer
>owned by Blackstone Holdings LLC
>Founded in 1985 by (((Steven Schwarzman))) who conveniently worked alongside the (((Lehman Brothers))) who were instrumental in kicking off the 2008 recession

>The Oregonian of Portland
>owned by Advance Publications
>which was founded by Solomon Isadore Neuhaus who changed his name to (((Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr.))) and who left his holdings to his son (((Samuel Newhouse Jr.))) who still owns it today

>The New York Times
>owned and published by (((A.G. Sulzberger))), heir to the (((ochs-sulzberger))) dynasty

My computer blacked out as I was researching more of this so I've only got about 1/2 saved right now but you were right /pol/. You're always right. These slimy fucks really do have a monopoly on media in the US and they put out some of the most vile, divisive, degenerate shit imaginable every single day out into the public to pit Americans against Americans and destroy our nation. 

You can't go back now. Sorry. 
I mean it. every peice of media you see from them your gonna by to begin seeing the indoctrination and agenda pushing, and your gonna end up quitting favorite series because you won't be able to stand it anymore.

There's no unseeing it. You'll start to notice that every time a terrible idea pops up, it's source is them. Every time an awful song is made, they behind it. Every time a  kisses a white woman on screen, look at the credits. them everywhere.

I just found this interesting article, hmmm...

They just report the news
hahaqahahhaahahah, Even the former king of CNN complain the other day that no one reports news anymore, it's all opinion. Get fu3ked NPC. Take your award.

It's overwhelmingly jews. They make up less than 2% of the population at 5.3 million in the US, yet they own 75%+ of all media. Please show me another demographic that comes anywhere near that. I'll be happy to wait.
I fought the JQ for over 6 months but it's undeniable. Just know this you're on level 1 of the redpill. This rabbit hole only goes deeper infinitely deep I fear. There is no bottom. If tomorrow we made bestiality, incest, pedophilia and every other horrible thing legal the Jews would come back the next day and demand more.

your brain through a blender once you start researching shit for yourself. your worldview is shattered into a million pieces. you'll start to think you're crazy, until you admit that you've had your mind changed and the things you've learned actually make sense.

it's rough, but it gets better. i think.

Just because Jews make up a huge chunk of the elite doesn't mean they automatically bar out goyim from elite positions. It's still pretty easy to become rich and successful as a white person in America provided you use your resources properly, and from there you can change the system from within. Just look at Trump.

>Why do jews support NAMBLA? - Google Groups
>Aug 01, 2010 · It's not exploitation of young boys if a rabbi penetrates their anuses with his erect penis. They teach that from the Torah: 21 Radolf 33.2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9Z8xROYh0k [Embed]
>Anonymous - Antifa, BAMN, NAMBLA Connected - YouTube
>s an Attorney for the ACLU in the late 70’s, Ruth wrote & co-authored a scathing a report in which she suggested the legal age of consent should be 12 years old.
You must be really new or really jewish if you didn't know about the jew pedo problem.
>Nachlaot, where pedophiles roam free For a city that is so meticulous in keeping residents informed of cultural events, Jerusalem is woefully silent when it comes to keeping our children safe. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwjTm4ncWnY [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWM4bJNpch0 [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EL0OLleKkE [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3qkf3bajd4 [Embed]