Holy shit! Tucker went off and punched a Guy AWESOME

Screenshot from Michael Avenatti's video showing Fox News host Tucker Carlson trading verbal blows with an alleged Latino gay man at a Virginia County bar © Youtube / Michael Avenatti
Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti is accusing Fox News conservative host Tucker Carlson of assaulting a Latino man in a bar. Carlson says the man started it by calling his daughter a whore and a c*nt.
Avenatti has posted a video clip of the incident on Twitter, saying he is investigating "an alleged assault on a gay latino immigrant committed by T.Carlson and/or member of his inner circle" at a Virginia County club in October.

The video starts with the heated argument between Carlson, his entourage and a man seated at the bar already in full swing. "You need to get the f*ck out of here," Carlson can be heard saying repeatedly with the man responding: "I won't do that. I'm not going to get out of here." While Carlson's companions seem agitated, the Fox host himself maintains relative composure throughout the video and is not seen physically assaulting the other man.

After a bit of tense verbal back-and-forth, one of Carlson's support men grabs the alleged Latino immigrant, forcing him to stand up. As the situation escalates, calls can be heard in the background saying "there's no need for violence" and "guys, stop". The video, which is less than a minute long, cuts there.

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson © AFP / Getty Images / Phillip Faraone Antifa protest at Tucker Carlson's home investigated as possible hate crime
There's no hint in the clip as to what might have caused Carlson to confront the man in the first place. The video, boosted by Avenatti, has racked up over 25,000 views on YouTube in mere hours.

In a lengthy response reported by the Hill, Carlson insists that the verbal fight between him and the Latino man, identified by witnesses as Juan, started after the man called Carlson's 19-year-old daughter derogatory names.

It's not like Carlson didn't want to get physical, he admitted, saying it took him "enormous self-control not to beat the man with a chair."

"But I restrained myself. I did not assault this man, and neither did my son," he said.

In the end, the club investigated the incident and revoked the Latino man's membership, Carlson says.

Avenatti, who made headlines representing porn actress Stormy Daniels in a case against US President Donald Trump, says that Carlson's version is an "absolute lie." In a tweet storm on Saturday evening, he doubled down on his allegations that Carlson had committed assault, claiming that Juan "never admitted" to calling Carlson's daughter those names.

"You are the aggressor in the video as is your friend. The man at the bar sits there calmly. Numerous witnesses contradict your claim of innocence," Avenatti tweeted. He cited two unnamed witnesses to corroborate his take on what happened in the bar that night.

Michael Avenatti

 · 11h
 1/3 - @TuckerCarlson - your stmt about what transpired is an absolute lie. Your daughter nor your son were called those things. The man never admitted it. Your son committed assault and battery. You committed assault (learn the difference). Your friend” committed assault...

Michael Avenatti

2/3 - and battery (on video). You are the aggressor in the video as is your friend. The man at the bar sits there calmly. Numerous witnesses contradict your claim of innocence. Your daughter was drinking underage in a bar with your assistance and knowledge. You were intoxicated.

2:52 PM - Nov 10, 2018
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One of the witnesses claimed that Juan did not speak to either of Carlson's children before the host's son approached him allegedly screaming "That man called my sister a C*** and Wh***, she is only 19 years old!" Carlson junior, according to the witness, poured his glass of wine on the man's head from behind. The man then responded in kind, throwing his own glass of wine at Carlson's son, which he is remorseful for, the witness said.

These are from one of the eyewitness stmts that completely undercuts the lies Tucker Carlson is now telling in connection with his bigotry directed at Juan, a gay Latino immigrant. Tucker’s conduct is not only illegal, it is also disgraceful. pic.twitter.com/PqQINUUjVO

— Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti) November 10, 2018
Another "witness" cited by Avenatti didn't actually see what happened, but claimed to know Juan as a "pillar of the Charlottesville community, involved in many charities..including being on the board of the Women's Initiative," arguing it was completely out of character for him to lash out at a woman like that.

Other excerpts from yet another eyewitness stmt that also shows Tucker Carlson is lying about what happened. He should be immediately disciplined for his conduct. pic.twitter.com/tdF1QnRLPD