"Direct Energy Weapon" theory deserves a closer look

There's something weird going on here. I think we shouldn't dismiss the DEW theory just yet.

Why do these fires selectively burn just homes and cars, but not the trees???

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or maybe 

1) fires spread from home to home from small embers that are blown from roof to roof. 
Trees don't hold on to these embers like a roof does, where it just sits there and gets into all the nooks of a home.

trees don't burn so easily because they're composed of a lot of water and natural fire retardants in living wood.

2) the DEW theory is easily debunked. how? the people who live in the areas see how the fire spread from house to house. the firemen see how it spreads. 


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I believe the FIRES were cover to test energy weapons
was this a test in Antarctica...
US military has a history of testing on their public

>Some time back people were talking about DEW being used in Iraq. There's a 'documentary' on it,
DEWs are real, the amount of energy required to selectively burn thousands of houses (with shingle roofs or tiles, and tar underlay, beaut design for fire prone regions fellas) by drone or from space would be impossible
The Fires are REAL
But some of the targets destroyed DONT make sense when thinking of a natural fire.

Ill explain this to you easily. Does this benefit the U.N. agenda? Yes. So why shit it up with a conspiracy? One that involves superweapons? Why cant it just be someone struck a match? Because what youre doing is classic misdirection. Youre getting people here to focus on somekind of weapon that caused this instead of asking people to do some digging on the people we know are involved and who it ultimately benefits.

if its mainly houses burning and not trees the god forbid if it hits an area like a city where the houses are densely packed .... fire is kind of OP on the american version of this game. if the fires were 'jumping' large distances like that the residents could have easily put them out by spraying their roofs and walls with hosepipes before the fire came close. If this were in Europe the fire service would usually protect the towns and villages .... if a fire started in one location it would take time to spread to the point where it endangers multiple towns, with social media and everything people would catch on pretty fast, 
that suggests to me that these fires vastly overwhelmed the fire fighting capabilities of the regions they occured in, which would suggest multiple fires started at the same time in a 100 mile radius. I also cant find much info or news articles tracking down where these particular fires originated,

trees have water in them..... the water has to reach steam temperature before ignition of the combustable parts of the tree.

the latent heat of vaporization of water is approx 2,260 kiloJoules per kilogram

So each kilogram of water has to absorb 2,260 kilojoulse of heat energy ABOVE that which is required to bring it to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to turn into one kilogram of steam.

This energy has to be put into a tree BEFORE it will catch fire.

Most of the time, when you are burning wood, like in a fireplace or whatever... it's been dead a long time and has very little water in it.

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