Based Avenatti forgot to hide. With lots of ammo to destroy him

> Michael Avenatti is accused of attacking his girlfriend and dragging her around the apartment floor while calling her an “Ungrateful f*cking bitch,” this according to the declaration submitted by Mareli Miniutti.

> Miniutti claims she had been living with Stormy Daniels’ attorney since January, and on November 13, they got into an argument over money. She claims Avenatti called her an “Ungrateful f*cking bitch” and began forcefully hitting her in the face with pillows from the bed.

> She says Avenatti exclaimed, “Do not disrespect me,” and then told her she could not sleep in his house that night. She says he grabbed the “wrist of my right arm,” and “attempted to pull me out of bed.”

> Miniutti claims she tried texting a friend for help, but claims Avenatti grabbed the cell phone. The actress says he remained very close to her and she was afraid for her safety.

Epistemic closure in action, how the NPC brainlet preserved his doxa when confronted by contrary sense data: just close your eyes. Article is a link to the primary witnesses court submission:
>She says he has “vehemently opposed my desire to earn a living outside of Hollywood,” and has “made promises to ‘take care of me.'”