Avis employee at Ft. Lauderdale airport found a box labeled with the SOE (Supervisor of Elections) and the word “Provisional”

Avis employee at Ft. Lauderdale airport found a box labeled with the SOE (Supervisor of Elections) and the word “Provisional” was found in the back of the returned car. According to the Avis employee the last person to drive the car was a Broward County employee.

tiped off by who ???
we're honestly just waiting to see what happens as civilians. Obv the state of FLA isn't doing anything as the police sheriff's office is COMPED big time, but we don't just make militias and storm other states elections until we see if the feds/ justice dept does something. This will escalate big time I'm sure but the citizens of Florida can't do a damn thing when the entire comped local government is in on the hyjinx

The airport had a bomb threat called in soon after and is currently on lockdown

Just a coincidence 
nobody will talk about this story in the media so in 3 days it will be forgotten
they are becoming blatant and sloppy in their tricks because we are pretty much done as a race and country at this point 
there's no fixing this without bloodshed, and americans are just not ready i guess 
it sucks but hey, at least we have memes
Not to mention the original magabombs originated from the very place where they’re counting ballots. It’s almost like the kikes are purposely doing this to accelerate and foment insurrection before they’re caught red handed. If they can convince us to spark a civil war, they won’t have to worry about due process. I don’t know man, this timeline is fucked.

Well they got them on tape using rental vehicles, a box of provisionals is found in a rental vehicle that’s rented in a guy’s name. Why would he stupidly leave a box labeled “provisional ballots” behind, knowing the car was rented in his name? My guess is this his way of confessing. Same with anyone else who didn’t destroy the boxes and their contents
voter registration occurs at the DMV (illegals can still get licenses)
legal status is not crosschecked, because of privacy
illegals get caught all the time with voter registration cards in their wallets
california does this on purpose

it's not thousands, it's millions, and you don't need a fucking ID to vote.
when i voted, they just asked my name and gave me a ballot
i could've been anyone! it's a sham. it's less than 3rd world
its, a jewish (((democracy)))

It comes down to a fundamental difference in thinking.
Republicans believe in doing things the right way. Republicans that do things out of line, even for a good reason, are often exiled.
Democrats believe in winning at all costs. Democrats continue to stay in power regardless of their actions, as long as they win.
However, pre-Trump Republicans also had a policy of Appeasement, which has ALWAYS ended badly. This is why smear campaigns devastated Republicans, they would exile their own even for small offenses. Thats why Republicans were basically the same as Democrats because they bowed to the same people.
Then Trump came along used that against themselves, making them look incompetent and weak. Its lit a fire under many republicans who were desperate for a strong leader who didn't bend the knee. Democrats haven't faced real opposition in decades, and their normal tactics had no effect since Trump was already an 'exile' in the GOP. We've partially restored the Christian values of forgiveness and repentance that Republicans dropped for appeasement.

>be Noah Holliman JR
>room temperature IQ, but get government job because affirmative action
>get tasked with helping the dems pull off the worst election fraud in U.S. history
>be given provisional ballots to transport in rental car you rented under your name
>be such a fucking idiot, you turn the car back into AVIS with the provisional ballots still in the fucking trunk
>AVIS employee tweets LAURA LOOMER what you did
>Loomer shows up to AVIS and takes pics of the box of provisional ballots you left there
>Loomer breaks story on Twitter
>bunch of autists find your FB and picture with Andrew Gillum
>autists also find records that your wife donated ot his campaign
>a fuck up so bad, Broward BSO had to call in a fake bomb threat at the airport to try and cover for you
>be the straw that finally broke the camels back and got Rick Scott to FINALLY have no choice but to raid Broward and Palm Beach elections offices because this is the LOWEST IQ voter fraud in all of mankind.