As a young white male in the United States

As a young white male in the United States I'm constantly being surrounded, cornered, and entrapped. People, Education, Science, History, Social media, Games, News, They all hate me and want me disappear. I've done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment and yet every facet of my life around me constantly works day in and day out to undermine me and replace me. I can't get a job due to my own governments laws prioritizing those beside me. I can't find friends due to my isolated, and rural location. I can't get an education due to universities and educational centers brainwashing me into self hatred and harm. The very statistical facts dating back hundreds upon thousands of years all throughout human history are literally being manipulated and blatantly changed in order to perceive me as some kind of monster.

I honestly don't know what to do. I have nothing. Just a lonely white young man who wants to feel as if he belongs. Everybody else has support and community. I don't. I'm not allowed to or else I'll be further ostracized by society and riddled with accusations. And you know what hurts the most about all of this? The fact that no one knows. No body around me has any clue what I have to go through on a daily basis. They just live their lives completely oblivious to whats really happening, whats really going on behind that layer of "normality". Never questioning if what they see is truly real or if there is any other motive. 

I want to be something, be someone. When I see the past and look at what we once were it makes my heart ache and loathe the current world that exist today. This situation we have found ourselves in. That I'm in. I feel helpless. No wonder so many young white men commit suicide each year at an ever growing rate. I don't blame them. In fact I sympathize with them can accurately place myself in their shoes. 

Feel like our fates are quite similar to theirs. Its rather unfortunate...

when you're redpilled to an extent, many people go through this. many people don't understand you, and of course you don't understand and relate to them because they don't know whats going on.

a bunch of my old friends who i dropped, all they do is listen to nigger music and drive around and smoke pot all the time. the culture war is winning them over.
I feel lonely sometimes because i can't relate to this people and don't hang out with them. I've gotten used to being alone, during this time i'm trying to educate myself more on political philosophy and workout more on my physical strength.

I have dreams too, i wanna start my own movement/group. I want to be a leader for my people, and change the world for the better. Ideas taken from Fascism, National Socialism, made into a hybrid of things. National Socialism won't work in the US. Plain Fascism won't work either, it needs to be something new. Hitler must be dropped. For it won't look good to the public eye, maybe if people knew the truth about history, but they don't, and most of them never will. We need something new. Though i do very much so believe Hitler was a good man, and he had alot of good things. 

No need for suicide, no matter how bad it gets. Soon things'll change for the better, thats a promise. You have a duty, brother.