American Whites are Fleeing South and West

This is actually a really interesting map showing change of the white population in the US over the last couple of years. Why is this happening and is it a good thing?
American Whites are Fleeing South and West

Also a couple of reasons why I think it's happening:
>Rise in taxes across the northeast and midwest
>Massive increase in the cost of living up north
>Ease and cost of doing business in the south and west is significantly better than the rest of the country
>Air conditioning and other luxuries are completely commonplace now and make the south livable year round
And as to why it's a good thing:
>these regions are in dire need of white immigrants to counter the rise in nonwhite immigration
>continues to grow and build economies in the most impoverished parts of the country
And tons of other reasons. Curious to bring this fact to light which hasn't really been talked about