ROD ROSENSTEIN refuses to appear before congressional hearing


According to multiple reports, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein has given a verbal resignation to Chief of Staff John Kelly following an explosive NYT report he wanted to wear a wire and oust Trump from office.

Last week, Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC), who previously filed articles of impeachment against Rosenstein, called for the Deputy Attorney General to appear before Congress under oath this week.

But today Rosenstein notified Congress he will not turn over the subpoenaed memos and will not appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday.
-NYT reports (McCabe memos) Rosenstein discussed recording the President
-FBI Chief Counsel Jim Baker: Rosenstein was serious about recording POTUS
-McCabe memos subpoenaed by Congress

Rosenstein won’t turn over memos, and he’s a no-show for tomorrow’s scheduled questioning.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) October 10, 2018

Here’s more from Rep. Jim Jordan.

Rosenstein a no show for tomorrow. Wonder why?

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) October 10, 2018

If you release the 302s that show Rod Rosenstein released them without even a hearing...

To give a FISA warrant based on the fake and discredited STEELE DOSSIER

To subvert a duly elected president of the united states

 It's absolutely a treason and a coup. People should actually die for this -- all rhetoric and joking aside. It's truly that serious.

I just think there are political realities at play (unfortunately) that are dictating actions right now. The MSM is treasonous, if he does something before the midterms they will use it to bang the stupid-drum to get Lefties out there.

Everyone liberal retard is under the COLLECTIVE DELUSION via PROPAGANDA MEDIA: the impression that Trump is a fascist who ignores due process, doing so would be an over act against their woven narrative.

>lots of people flipping on each other as we speak
>hints that Dems were caught red handed faking the Kavanaugh allegations
>main Treason investigation still being done by Huber and his army of 250 federal prosecutors

If I know Trump... he's going to let them think that they've won, then jam it in their ass at the last minute

That's what he always does

whos gonna turn him in?

The term for an individual who commits mesirah is moser (HE:מוסר) or mossur.[2] A person who repeatedly violates this law by informing on his fellow Jews is considered subject to "Din Moser" (law of the informer), which is analogous to "Din rodef" in that both prescribe death for the offender,[1] and according to some, in some circumstances he may be killed without warning.
Well there's a reason it wasn't repealed even after Trump found out that it was used against him... he planned to use it against them.

I wouldn't doubt that some of these people will be declared enemy combatants and taken right off the board to Guantanamo... especially the ones plotting attacks/riots... and the ones guilty of Treason (Clinton, Feinstein)
I don't understand why Trump didn't clean house the moment he took office. That was a massive fucking mistake and he's paying for it.

And don't think for a second that just because the fourth and final FISA ruling( allowing intelligence agencies to collect all of Trump's communication) expired that Trump is now free of data collection. The truth is, they have been spying on him since he won the Republican nomination and it hasn't stopped. They have all of his communications, and they'll leak anything against him if he threatens their power.

It's time to clean fucking house. Rod Rosenstein is a rat who needs a proper mouse trap.